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How iGroup Has Developed the Best Cloud Management Software for Your Business

Since its inception in 2010, iGroup has become one of the top companies to turn to for all things cloud management. The team of experts have years of experience in dealing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Based on their knowledge, they have worked tirelessly to develop easily integratable infrastructure for customers using these services to move them to the cloud. This allows for automated processes and more streamline operation for your business.

iGroup’s most successful product is known as CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) and has helped countless businesses move their procedures to the cloud.  Compatible with both AWS and Azure, CAMS allows you to closely monitor and manage your cloud. It combines performance, support, cost monitoring, administration and more, allowing business managers to understand and develop their procedures.

There are many benefits to using the CAMS software from iGroup. Customers have found that this software has allowed them to save money, save resources, improve their performance, prepare for the future, and much more. With an easy to use system in place and expert support also available whenever you or your team might need it, iGroup’s software is the number one choice of businesses from a range of different industries.

If you have been looking for a way to enhance the management of your cloud, then iGroup has the solutions for you. If your in-house team lacks knowledge in Azure or AWS, or finds themselves coming up against unexpected costs, poor return on investment, unexpected performance limitations, or other challenges, then iGroup’s products are for you. For over a decade, the team have developed easy yet effective infrastructure that is designed to help your business grow alongside the growing technological world. Their services are unmatched and their support ensures that you get the results that you need.