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How You Can Save Time And Money In Your Home Kitchen

You know that cooking dinner at home is better for your health and your wallet than ordering courier-delivered food or picking up some takeaway on the way home from work. However, if your home cooking routine isn’t efficient, then it can be a new source of stress for you that makes it tempting to give up and order-in.

The fact is, home cooking doesn’t need to be time-consuming and stressful if you make a few adjustments to how you go about it. Below, you’ll find a few ways you can save time and money in your home kitchen and transform cooking from a hassle into something that makes eating healthier much easier!

Invest in time and money-saving appliances

When it comes to saving time and money in your home kitchen, nifty new appliances have saved the day many times over. Everything from blenders to rice cookers, even the humble toaster, are appliances that replace a more complex or manually intensive process to get the same result.

The realm of kitchen appliances is one that’s always welcoming new innovations that make things quicker (and cheaper) for those to take advantage of new gadgets. If you want an idea of which kitchen appliances are hot right now, check out Product Review’s official list.

Slow cookers, pressure cookers, multicookers are some of the most popular time-saving appliances on the market. These appliances are often described as ‘one pot, do-it-all’, and allow you to set something to cook before work and come home to something delicious and ready-to-eat.

Simplify your recipes and ingredients

One of the main things that turn people off home cooking is that they see recipes that seem more like science experiments with dozens of ingredients and complicated steps involved. While many recipes are like that, there are also plenty of simple ones that use only a handful of ingredients.

There’s no shortage of online resources or even physical cookbooks that are dedicated to simplifying the ‘boring bits’ of cooking, so you can get tasty results without feeling like you need to go to chef school. You can also try something like the  meal-kit that has simple, four-step recipes but also delivers all the required ingredients to your door. These services help simplify your home cooking while eliminating the need to spend time in crowded supermarkets (a stressful experience in of itself).

Keep the kitchen clean and organised

A common excuse people use to resort to takeaway dinners is that their kitchen is too messy to use. If this is the case, then the solution is obvious – clean it up!

Even the most experienced chefs would be less eager to cook in a messy kitchen, and doing so would simply make it harder to clean later on. Take some time on the weekend to do a deep clean of your kitchen. This Better Homes and Gardens article has some fantastic time-saving hacks for keeping your kitchen pristine.

How to keep it clean? Clean as you go! If and when a spill happens, clean it up straight away rather than allowing it to harden. This goes for your pots and pans – don’t leave them dirty all night long, clean them as soon as they have cooled down (they usually are cool enough to wash in the time it takes you to eat dinner).

Basically, make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy before you go to bed each night so you can quickly start cooking again the following evening. Your future self will thank you for it!