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How to Get Your D2 or D4 Medicals from the DVLA

If you’re pursuing a certain career, namely one that involves operating commercial vehicles or transporting passengers via taxi, bus, or plane, you will need a D2 or D4 license. This requires one or more medicals to be performed before you can be approved.

The medical exam is to ensure that you can safely perform your job duties without posing a risk to yourself, your passengers, or the general population due to a serious condition such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart failure, or anything else that can suddenly render you incapacitated behind the wheel.

After all, such conditions, even though you don’t intend for this to happen in any way, can cause injuries or deaths when you operate such dangerous equipment.

This makes the medical process a bit daunting for many jobseekers. Even if you don’t know you have a condition, something might be found during your medicals, and you may be disqualified from your dream job.

Luckily, the DVLA is more than willing to accommodate than people give them credit for, and the process of applying is fairly easy. You can also contact Vital Medicals, they specialize in helping jobseekers like you pass the medical phase of receiving your DVLA license, and they can speak with you about the basic process.

Obtain Forms D2 and D4

Forms D2 and D4 will be needed before you go to a doctor for your medicals. Your doctor will use these forms to give you a clean bill of health and let the DVLA know that you’re capable of receiving a Group 2 or similar license without posing a risk during relevant job duties.

You can request these forms from the DVLA website or in person when you apply.

Fill in Non-Medical Information

You can perform much of the application process on your own. Simply filling out your non-medical information on the application where applicable will help speed the process.

Get Your Medicals

You can get your medicals performed by an approved and qualified doctor you wish. However, it is highly recommended that you work with a doctor or network of doctors that is well-informed on DVLA guidelines and requirements.

Vital Medicals is a network of doctors that specializes in helping you pass your medicals and get licensed. So, feel free to call us.

Optional: Look for Concessions

There are a lot of conditions and disorders that may cost you your license. Something as obvious as frequent heart attacks or epilepsy is a given, but even a mild case of diabetes can prevent you from passing your medical.

However, a knowledgeable doctor can help you get past that. As we said, the DVLA does offer concessions, and being diagnosed with an illness the DVLA sees as a risk is not the end of the road.

You’ll need to speak to the doctor performing the exam to find specific solutions to your problem, but in general, you will have to prove that you are capable of managing the condition effectively, preventing dangerous episodes, and recording frequent tests on and off the job.