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How to Find the Best Video Chat Platform in 2021

Video chat services are unique. Sure, most social media apps allow you to have face-to-face conversations with people you know, but the quality is often below expectations, unreliable, and doesn’t have a lot of versatility.

Video chat services allow you to hop into chatrooms with friends and family, or chat with random people around the world with the click of a button.

This makes them great for making new bonds and relationships, getting a bit of entertainment when you come across someone goofing off, or just getting better at socializing with new people.

However, not every video chat service is created equal. In this brief guide, we’re going to show you how to find the best video chat platform in 2021.

Streaming Quality

It’s 2021. People left behind potato-quality cameras over a decade ago, and they’ve come to expect a certain level of quality from video-related apps.

The best video chat platform should provide users with crystal-clear video quality, a service that doesn’t constantly buffer and freeze, and options to pair up with people within a certain region to ensure ping doesn’t become an issue.

To an extent, a user’s device has a big impact on the quality of their experience. So, the best platform for you will have plenty of optimization options that allow you to match the capabilities of your computer or smartphone and get the most out of the service.

Moderated Services

Every video chat site has a TOS agreement, and unless it’s an adult site, the agreement usually bans nudity, drug abuse, violence, harassment, and other issues that make the site unsafe for people of all ages.

However, not every site moderates users and listens to reports. So, many sites are more or less the wild west, and you can’t expect to get on them if you’re sensitive to certain behaviors or too young to be exposed to them.

A high-quality video chat service, that’s aimed at everyone, will have a full moderation staff that takes complaints seriously and weeds out bad actors without resorting to spying on its users.

A Varied Service Model

Everyone wants something different from a video chat site. Maybe you’re a 30-year-old adult looking to make friends despite how hard work and normal life obligations make that process in real life? Maybe you’re looking to find a partner and bars or speed dating services just aren’t for you? Maybe you’re just a teen who wants to chill out after school and goof off with other teens or discuss the latest video games?

A good service will facilitate all these uses and make it easy to find people with similar interests in a similar age group.

The Ability to Create Contact Lists

Some video chat services will provide everything we listed above this, but they’ll only facilitate random chats. This means that, despite finding someone you like talking to, you’ll be stuck speaking to random people every time you log on. This sucks when you find a friend and will likely never talk to them again.

For this reason, any decent video chat site will allow you to add certain users to a contact list and let you chat with them specifically when you want to.

Our Favorite Video Chat Site

Taking all of this into consideration, we want to recommend our favorite video chat site: CamSurf. CamSurf is for people of all ages, encourages all kinds of interactions, and provides top-quality service.

If you want a high-quality video chat service, try CamSurf, today!