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How Video Chatting Revolutionised The Industries That Sorely Needed The Upgrade

The wonders of technology have allowed many industries to adapt and survive the years of careless and indifferent change. Whether it be improvements to overall communicative channels, automotive transportation or even public transportation – the industries that survive through decades often require frequent revolutions in their technological base, or risk perishing to the history books.

It’s difficult to imagine the world without video chatting in some respect, shape, or form. The technology has become synonymous with the typical everyday life. Whether it’s a typical board room meeting across continents, chatting with new friends on ChatSpin or Facebook, or taking a course through online channels like Coursera – technology has become symbiotic of our day-to-day.

As such, we are going to explore a few of the industries that have survived and thrived from the advent of the video chatting age and where they could go from here.


Medicine has seen a vast improvement and groundbreaking evolution in recent years, thanks in no small part to the incorporation of Video Chatting as a viable alternative and option for communicative analysis and treatment.

2020 notwithstanding, there have been calls for a safer and personalised experience with doctor consultations and communications for quite some time. The lockdown and subsequent social change that occurred in 2020 has only exacerbated and brought these calls to a more pressing limelight. Thankfully, there are various applicable ways to see a doctor through video chat that even a decade ago would’ve been laughed at.

Already noticeable increases in treatments and people taking care due to the convenience laid upon setting up a video call with a physician in lieu of wasted hours in a waiting room. The possibility of rural areas that once had very limited access to medical care, now having at least a consultation through video chatting health software has brought the population to a greater understanding of the benefits of video chatting.

Of course, this is not a perfect system with tests still having to be administered in person, but who knows, perhaps the next decade will see a new wave of technological advancement to facilitate the medicine industry through another century.


Education has seen a massive spike in online studies and communications. The use of video chatting technologies has allowed lockdown affected areas to continue receiving the classroom experience through the digital landscape.

With Zoom Conferencing taking the front seat in the educational field, the spike in online courses being undertaken has shown us that technology has allowed for traditional means of education to perhaps take a back seat for the future endeavours of the population who want to learn, outside of the classroom.


A bit of a cheat, seeing as most corporate entities have no chance of slowing down in a capitalist economy, however their business models and communicative channels have been allowed to flourish and grow exponentially thanks to the marvels of video chatting technology making its way into the dynamic field.

The international flights for meetings have taken a back seat these days with the growth and adoption of video conferencing bringing a new age of communicative ease for companies around the globe, we expect to see a vast and grandiose improvement as technologies develop further in the corporate world, for now, the meetings across continents have already saved time and money on unnecessary travel.