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How Miami Businesses Should Think About Cybersecurity

Business owners in Miami need to think seriously about cybersecurity. Despite the fact that small- and medium-sized businesses are frequently targeted by cybercriminals, a depressing number of Miami entrepreneurs aren’t giving this threat the attention it demands.

What should we do about this and what steps should you take to protect your organization from cyberthreats?

The Right Way to Think About Cybersecurity

These guidelines can help you challenge some of your baseline assumptions and start thinking the right way about cybersecurity in your business.

  • Cybersecurity is a priority for everyone – not just IT. Every department and team member in your organization, including maintenance teams, must take cybersecurity seriously. It’s tempting to think that cybersecurity is exclusively an issue to the people in control of your technology. After all, hackers are frequently depicted as brute forcing attacks on servers and other technological assets, so it’s the primary duty of your IT team to erect the proper defenses. But in reality, there are weak points throughout your organization, and even something as simple as an employee giving a password to someone on the phone can spell doom for your organization. Accordingly, every individual within your organization needs to be equipped with the knowledge and perspectives necessary to keep your organization secure.
  • Threats come in many shapes and sizes. Let’s go back to that brute force hacking example. Many people think there’s only one real type of cyber threat; they envision a nerd in a dark room, wearing a hoodie, and periodically typing on a keyboard to engage in some technological process they don’t understand. But the truth is, threats come in all shapes and sizes. Social engineering scams require no technical knowledge whatsoever, and massive armies of bots can be coordinated to launch DDoS attacks. In order to guard against all these threats effectively, you need to be aware of all the possibilities.
  • Cyber threats are genuinely threatening. Some business owners still write off cyber threats as a tangential or peripheral concern, but these threats are genuinely threatening. Data breaches can cost upwards of millions of dollars – and that’s not even including secondary costs, like the cost of a damaged reputation in the industry. It’s also not just large businesses dealing with these threats; In fact, small and mid-sized businesses are even more likely targets, since cybercriminals know how thin their defenses usually are.
  • A single vulnerability can compromise your entire organization. It’s also important to realize that even a single vulnerability can hypothetically compromise your entire organization. If a nefarious individual gets access to even a single person’s login credentials, they might be able to hijack your entire infrastructure and hold your organization hostage. This is another reason why it’s so important for every individual in your organization to be equipped with sufficient knowledge to ward off these threats.
  • Cybersecurity is an investment (and insurance). Cyber security isn’t a cost; it’s an investment. It’s basically like paying a few thousand dollars right now so you don’t pay a few million dollars later. It’s a somewhat expensive insurance policy, but if it saves you from even one serious threat, it’s worth it.
  • Cybersecurity is always changing. Finally, it’s important to remember that cybersecurity is always changing. If you’re employing the best practices for cybersecurity from 1996, you’re going to be a ridiculously easy target for modern thieves. Even some recommendations from just a few years ago are woefully obsolete in today’s landscape.

Implementing a Better Cybersecurity Policy

So how exactly should your Miami business act on these concepts?

  • Create a thorough, formal policy. Don’t just assume that everyone in your organization is on the same page. It’s your responsibility to create a thorough, formal policy on your business cybersecurity standards and what you expect from individual team members.
  • Train and educate all your team members. Next, train and educate all your team members. Make sure they’re aware of the most common threats and types of attacks, and instruct them how to identify and avoid falling for social engineering tricks. This must be a continuous process if you want to continue seeing results.
  • Take threats seriously. Learn to see cybersecurity threats for the powerful, disruptive elements they are. If you take cybersecurity seriously, you’ll be naturally motivated to implement better policies.
  • Test your implementation. Through penetration testing, you can determine whether your products and systems are effective at deterring or mitigating threats. If you fail one of these tests, you’ll get clear direction on how to improve your systems for the future.
  • Be ready to adapt. Make sure your organization is dynamic and adaptable. Create clear processes for learning about new threats and be ready to change your policies and practices in response to new findings in this field.

If your Miami business has more robust cybersecurity in place, it’s going to be much better guarded against the biggest threats of the modern era. Fortunately, the essentials of cybersecurity are neither expensive nor time-consuming to employ, so there should be no obstacles between you and greater defenses.