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Everything To Know About Milk Powder

Milk Powder manufacturing is a process that involves the removal of water content from the liquid milk to convert it into dry powder while retaining all its needed natural properties such as flavor, color, solubility, and nutritional values. Let us share with you the basic steps followed in the making of milk powder.

Steps in making Milk Powder


The raw milk is stored in a vessel and passed through a centrifugal separator to separate skim milk and cream. To make whole cream milk powder, the cream is added to the skim milk, and to make skim milk powder; only the skim milk is used.


In this step, the separated milk is preheated to destroy the unwanted bacteria, activate natural anti-oxidants, and extend shelf life. The heating temperature is decided according to the type of product and the intended use.


The pre-heated milk is then evaporated in an evaporator to remove the water content. This is done by heating the milk in the evaporator under set pressure and temperature. More than 80% of the water content is removed in this process from the milk.

Spray Drying

In this step, the milk is atomized into small dine droplets in a spray chamber. The evaporated water is separated through an exhaust system, and the dry powder milk is separated and further dried, sieved, and sent for the next step.

Packing and storing

Though powder milk is extremely stable and has an extended shelf life compared to fresh liquid milk, it still has to be protected from external air, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Hence the powdered milk is stored and properly packaged to keep its nutritional values intact for a prolonged time.

Nutritional value of Milk Powder

The powdered milk is full of nutritional content; let us review that:

Essential Vitamins

Powdered milk manufacturers keep in mind to retain all the essential vitamins in the milk while converting it to the dried form. It has vitamin A, D, E, K, and others to keep your body’s immune system healthy.


Powdered milk is full of proteins to maintain good health and an active mind. All these proteins found in powdered milk are easy to digest and promote the good functioning of all body parts.


Powdered milk is rich in lactose, glucose, and galactose, and all these carbs are essential for the human body.

The Amazing Benefits of Milk Powder

Powdered milk has many wonderful benefits for the human body. These are as follows:

  • As the powdered milk is full of essential nutrients, it boosts the immune system and helps in cellular repair in the body.
  • Whether it is liquid or dry, milk has always been known rich in calcium content and hence promotes stronger bones.
  • It is good for muscle building as it has all the needed proteins.
  • The potassium in the powdered milk is good for the heart and helps in regulating blood pressure.
  • Patients who are recovering from any health issue are often recommended to use powdered milk as it has a less fat content and more vital nutrients.
  • The powdered milk in water is a source of instant energy, and hence athletes and those who love to exercise use it to gain back the needed energy to perform their tasks.
  • The powdered milk is an excellent dietary supplement for kids and pregnant ladies as it is full of vital nutrients.
  • It keeps your body well-hydrated. A spoon full of powder dissolved in milk fulfills water and nutrients requirements in the body.

Hence, powdered milk is good to use. Researchers are improving the product day by day to make it more beneficial for human health.