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Dylan Celli Explains How to Lose Weight by Adding Yoga to Your Fitness Routine

As difficult as weight loss can be, it’s fairly straightforward. Burn more calories than you consume. That’s it. But when it comes to how you burn those calories, things can get tricky. If you listen to this advice from Dylan Celli, you should find your weight loss journey is less uncomfortable and more intensely gratifying.

The Calorie Burning Power of Yoga

When you think of burning calories, you probably don’t picture anything peaceful. Instead, images of dripping sweat, high-intensity workouts, grunting underneath heavy weights, and gasping for air when you’ve finally reached your goal are much more likely to pop to mind, right?

Well, that’s fair because there’s no getting around the fact that pushing yourself harder and upping the intensity of your movement is what’s going to really make those calories drop. However, you can still burn some extra calories in a much more peaceful and relaxing setting by adding yoga to your fitness routine.

Depending on a number of different factors, including your age, weight, gender, and the type of class, a yoga session can help you burn 180 to 460 calories.

Adding it to your regular fitness routine can make a major difference in your weight loss journey, particularly once you learn all of the other ways that yoga can improve both your mental and physical health.

The Mindfulness Factor

Locking in a regular fitness routine and sticking to it come hell or high water is obviously tremendously important for losing weight, but it’s only half the battle. You can burn calories all day long, but it only takes a few poor diet choices to reverse that hard work. That’s where the mental aspect of weight loss comes in.

You need to have the discipline to meet your weight loss goals, and one thing that can improve your discipline is practicing mindfulness through yoga. Yoga can help connect your mind and body so that the two are more aware of what they do and do not need.

Regular sessions can help you say no to those poor diet choices, which can be the difference between meeting your weight-loss and fitness goals and being disappointed again.

Freeing Your Body

Exercise can be exceedingly difficult if you suffer from back pain, joint pain, stiffness, and inflexibility. If your everyday life is physically painful to navigate, how can you add even a mildly intense fitness routine to it?

Yoga may be the answer to that question. Regular sessions can help you loosen up, become more flexible, reduce back and joint pain, and get you into a regular fitness routine.

Once you’ve got your fitness routine locked down and begin to lose weight, you’ll have even less stress on your back and joints, creating a weight-loss journey snowball effect that can change your whole life.

Who Is Dylan Celli?

Dylan Celli is a yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and life coach who specializes in leading people towards inner perfection by helping them achieve outward gains. Dylan primarily focuses on high-end clients: executives, athletes, and industry leaders by applying a progressive, goal-oriented strategy that improves self-confidence and inner peace.