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Are The Myths About Low-Carb Recipes True?

Low-carb recipes have been around for a while now, and there have been a lot of myths surrounding them. Praised as the diet for losing fat and one of the most effective ones out there, there has been praise and skeptics alike that have made this diet the talk of the town for a long time now. But are the rumors about low-carb recipes true? Are they that effective in losing weight? Are they harmful to your health? Find out here, on myths about low-carb recipes.

They are hard to stick to

A lot of people believe that the restriction of carbs would leave one feeling unsatisfied and not full at all, making it hard to stick to low-carb recipes. This is not true, and low-carb recipes regularly keep people full whilst helping them lose weight.

Weight loss through low-carb recipes is only water weight

Water weight loss is immediately noticeable when cutting carbs, as carbs use a form of storage called Glycogen. Glycogen binds to water, and cutting of carbs cuts this out, resulting in water weight loss. However, after the water weight loss, the weight that is lost is fat. It is not true that low-carb recipes only cut water weight.

Low-carb recipes are bad for the heart

Low-carb recipes typically are higher in saturated fat and cholesterol. As a result, skeptics believe that they are bad for the heart, and should be avoided. However, there has been no scientific link between saturated fat or dietary cholesterol raising the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, low-carb recipes may actually improve many heart disease risk factors, such as increasing HDL (good cholesterol), lowering blood pressure, decreasing blood sugar and insulin levels, and reducing inflammation.

They are a fad diet

Low-carb recipes have been around since 1972, and do not look to be leaving anytime soon. They have shown to be effective enough for weight loss, that they will continue to stick around within the fitness community. Fad diets would enjoy short-term popularity, whereas low-carb recipes have been around for ages now. It is highly unlikely and downright incorrect to call low-carb recipes a fad diet.

Low-carb recipes are definitely here to stay, and despite critics, they seem effective in their goal of weight loss.