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3 Suggestions For Fun Things To Do On A First Date

The first date is undoubtedly the most important in your whole relationship. If the first date isn’t fun, then they’re likely won’t be a relationship at all after that.

If the pressure is on your to pick out an activity for you and your date, then it can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to pick something that you will both enjoy, but you also want to stay away from things that may feel too awkward or cliché.

The following are 3 suggestions for fun things to do on a first date.

1.   Go to the zoo

Going to the zoo is not something that springs to mind when most people think of first date ideas. While a romantic dinner or a movie might be more traditional for a first date, some people will be more comfortable with an activity like this since it has less expectation of intimacy and allows you both to react to things together rather than try to be engaging in conversation.

2.   Go hiking

Hiking is another great alternative activity for a first date that can be a great way to get some exercise in as well. Depending on the fitness level of your date, try not to pick a trail with too many uphill treks, and instead go for something casual that allows you both to enjoy the natural surroundings.

3.   Walk a pet or supervise kids

An excellent idea for a first date is when you both supervise something else. This gives you another thing to focus on, so taking the dog or younger child/sibling out can be a great way to bond while still not being forced into an awkward situation.