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The Top Tips for Upgrading Your Wardrobe this Summer

Summer is officially upon us and there’s no better excuse to upgrade your wardrobe! Styles are constantly changing and it’s important to invest in high quality pieces that will remain trendy and timeless through the years to come. If your summer wardrobe is in need of a boost, these are some of the ways that you can get a trendy look that will keep you looking fabulous all the way through to next summer and beyond.

The Top Tips for Upgrading Your Wardrobe this Summer

#1 Opt for Plain Colors and Patterns

Colors are a great option for summer as they allow you to brighten up your look and express your unique sense of style. With that being said, not every pattern is going to work with the rest of your wardrobe or stay in fashion over the years.

When choosing your bolder pieces, ensure that it is something that is eye catching in a good way, and will remain a stylish expression of self even next summer. Stores such as Heny Star are known for their unique yet timeless designs. Their range of t-shirts, dresses, and more are the perfect examples of how you can stand out in a good way.

#2 Keep Fabrics Light and BreathableA summer wardrobe upgrade clothing item.

Particularly in hotter places, summer clothing that is light and breathable is absolutely essential. In summer time, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy outdoors. While this is one of the best parts of summer, it also means that you tend to get a little bit hot and sweaty.

When choosing your summer clothes, it is important to take this into consideration and to opt for styles and fabrics that are designed to keep you as cool as possible.

#3 Accessories Are a Must

There’s no better time than summer time to show off your unique sense of style and stand out from the crowd. Accessories are a fantastic way to elevate any look and can be the make or break element of an outfit.

Accessories such as colorful jewelry, stylish hats, cute sandals, and much more are an ideal way to complete your summer look. Most of all, a good pair of sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from the glaring sun and giving you that extra element of style.

#4 Try Something NewA woman looking through her summer wardrobe upgrade.

Although opting for timeless pieces of clothing is always a wise option, it can’t hurt to try one or two of the trends from each season. Challenge yourself to try something new with what you wear this summer and really upgrade your sense of style.

Fashion in general is always evolving, but so is personal fashion, and it can be lots of fun to step out of your comfort zone a little bit more each time you upgrade your wardrobe.

#5 Get Inspired

If all of this sounds great, but you’re just not sure how to put it into practice, it can be a fun idea to create a summer mood board. Take inspiration from friends, families, or celebrities whose styles you admire.

Putting your own spin on something that you yourself see to be fashionable is the perfect way to make an impact with your own unique style. Who knows, you could be the next inspiration that everyone is talking about!


Summer is an exciting time for all fashion lovers as it is the perfect chance to update your wardrobe and your style. These are just some helpful tips that you can use to get inspiration for how you can upgrade your summer wardrobe. Remember to have fun with it and enjoy the opportunity to express your summer style.