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Things That Make A Good Restaurant

There are many things that a restaurant can do to make you sit back and go, wow! That was incredible. Those qualities are what every good restaurant will have, and what every restaurant should strive for. The combination of these qualities is what ultimately creates the overall experience for the customer, and is what will keep them coming back. Here are some things that make a good restaurant.

Great service

The service in a restaurant must be absolutely excellent, in order to give the customer the best experience possible. Good service can take average food and still make the experience very enjoyable. For great service, floor staff must show passion, and be kind and polite to all customers. They will notice when drinks need to be refilled or when things need to be cleaned up or taken away.

Appealing menu

The menu must of course be appealing to the customer, as they will not want to eat at the restaurant without some form of intrigue towards the food. The menu must be intriguing and catch the eye, as well as make the customer want to try it.


If a restaurant happens to be very good, it is equally important for it to stay at that standard every single time. If a customer recommends the restaurant based on a great experience, the same great experience must be given to every person else the restaurant’s reputation is at stake. However, if the same high standard experience is given every time, that is what determines if a restaurant is good or not.

Clean bathroom

This may sound obvious but it is absolutely crucial to have a clean bathroom. The bathroom reflects how the restaurant is treated behind the walls of the customer and is reflective of how the kitchen is treated. You don’t want the customer thinking your restaurant is unhygienic.

These may seem like obvious points, but they are simple and truly what makes a restaurant good in the eyes of the customer. Follow these points and your restaurant will be held to a high standard.