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The Best Flooring Options To Use For A Bathroom

For most people, choosing a flooring style is to do with aesthetic appeal. Whilst this is largely important, as flooring is a good first impression, in certain areas of the house it is also about practicality and durability. This is certainly the case when it comes to areas such as bathrooms, which have a practical purpose within the house. When choosing flooring for bathrooms, it is important to know how the flooring will perform under stress and if it will be durable for years to come. When it comes to bathrooms, the biggest stressor is lots and lots of water. Water and moisture will get everywhere in a bathroom, and that can cause a lot of issues if the right flooring isn’t chosen.

Here are the best flooring options to use for a bathroom.

Ceramic tile or porcelain

Porcelain tile is and always will be one of the most popular options for bathroom flooring. With features such as waterproof, cost-efficient, and stylish, you can’t go wrong with porcelain tile. Porcelain is also able to absorb water, making it ideal for bathroom settings. Ceramic tiles are also available and provide an ideal flooring option for a bathroom setting. They can come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and are able to resist large pools of water. Ceramic tile is usually cold, but heated tile can be laid underneath to create warmth.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is not only a great looking flooring choice, but it is also practical. It works well for all bathrooms and has enough styling choices to work in luxury bathrooms. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, cost-effective, and easy to replace, as well as easy to install. It is easy to see why vinyl flooring is a very popular choice amongst bathroom flooring options.

These options are some of the most popular options for bathroom flooring, and are practical in their design as well aesthetically appealing.