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Reasons That Your Plumbing May Be Blocked

Plumbing isn’t thought about too often and is what many people take for granted every day. However, it is very easy to find yourself with a blocked pipe, without any idea of why. There are ways to see what could be blocking your plumbing, and knowing what it is could help get it unblocked quicker.

Here are some reasons that your plumbing may be blocked.

Fat blockage

One of the more common reasons why plumbing may block up, fat blockages are caused when fat is washed down the drain. As this fat builds up, it can clump together to form fat blockages. As this fat builds up over time, you can find yourself with a severe blockage that can be very hard to dislodge. This happens because people wash fat from frying pans etc. down the drain, causing the blockages over time.

Toilet paper blockage

We think this one is pretty obvious. Too much toilet paper can block a toilet and it occurs very often. This is normally a fairly minor blockage and can be unblocked quickly.

Foreign objects

This blockage is more common among households with children present. Due to their affinity for throwing things down the toilet, it is easy to see how a toilet can be blocked due to a foreign object. Any item other than toilet paper can cause a blockage. 

Tree roots

Tree roots are a common culprit in plumbing blockages. Even if you have no large trees in the vicinity, roots can travel long distances in order to find water and small cracks can allow roots to get into your pipes and take over. This will cause a blockage, and plumbers will need to be called in to fix this.

These have been some of the main reasons your plumbing may be blocked. If you suspect any of these, it’s time to call in the plumbers to get it fixed.