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Most Popular Interior Design Styles Explained

There is a wide variety of interior design styles that have swept through homes, with new trends and styles gaining popularity every year. With so many different styles available to the customer, it can be a daunting task to choose one which would not only fit your house but also reflect on you and your specific situation. A good way to find out which style would work for you is to learn about the most popular styles currently available and see whether or not they may be right for you.


Modern design is very popular in interior design at the moment. The modern design is characterized by a home with sleek, crisp, clean lines and a simple color scheme, usually white, grey, or black. Simplicity and minimalism are key and every element of the interior will incorporate this including the furniture. There will be next to no clutter, and the rooms are usually spacious.


Minimalism is extremely popular at the moment within interior design circles, and it is not uncommon to see the majority of new houses on the market sporting minimalist designs. Minimalism borrows from modern designs but simplifies them even further. Colour schemes are completely neutral, usually white, and nothing stands out too much. The décor shares this neutrality, and no accessories will stand out against the neutral background.


Industrial designs combine warehouse and urban looks with simplistic modern designs. The combination results in an industrial home look, with exposed brick and wood contrasting simple white walls, furniture, and accessories. More and more this is seen, with former industrial buildings such as warehouses being turned into apartments that sport this design.

Those are some of the most popular interior design styles at the moment, with their looks popping up all over the place. These designs may reflect your tastes and situations, and perhaps one of these is the one for your home.