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How Does A Hot Water Cylinder Work?

Hot work is an absolute necessity in the cold weather. So, if you want to know about how the hot water system works and whether your current system is right for you or not, you have come to the right place. This post will cover everything from the working of a hot water cylinder and its benefits so that you can switch to the right hot water system.

Working of Hot Water Cylinder

A hot water cylinder stores as well as keeps your water hot until the time you may need it. There are two major types of these cylinders:


This cylinder includes the immersion heater within it for heating the water.


This cylinder needs an extra device for heating like a boiler the water externally while it just stores and keeps the water warm for later use.

Once you decide whether a direct cylinder would be suitable for your system or an indirect one, then you will have to choose between the following two types:


If you go for a vented cylinder, you will need a cold water tank for inputting the water to your cylinder, where it will be heated by the immersion heater or boiler. Your cold water reservoir must be located in the loft for it to function as it works on the principle of gravity rather than that of pressure. Consequently, the pressure of your water will be much better downstairs, and you might even need an electric pump for maintaining good pressure in the shower, particularly upstairs.


On the other hand, an unvented cylinder doesn’t require a separate cold water reservoir as it gets the input from the mains supply. The pressure of the mains is much better as compared to the gravity-operated vented system, which means your shower will perform in a better way. Besides, you will also save the extra space in your loft due to the elimination of the water reservoir.

However, the unvented system installation comes at a price due to the requirement of precautionary safety mechanisms. From relief valves for preventing water from overheated to thermostats for controlling cylinder temperature, you will have to weigh in all these factors and mechanisms, which will definitely increase the total price of the system.

Benefits of Hot Water Cylinder

A hot water cylinder has many benefits. However, you might be thinking of using the space that the cylinder might take up for something else. But you can always put your creativity to work and get it installed in a space that has no other use. For instance, use a cupboard for its installation and turn it into an airing cupboard where you can stack up against your clothes, bedding, etc. Isn’t that an amazing idea?

A hot water cylinder system is particularly beneficial for a family that is at least four or more. Not only will it make it easier to cope with the hot water needs of your family, but it is also more practical than its counterparts.

These versatile water heating systems bring you the option of heating your water directly or indirectly. Or you could even go for the sustainable sources of heating your water like biomass fuels or solar panels. Moreover, you can get a backup water heating source added to your system so that you never run out of hot water even if your boiler fails due to an issue.

So, go ahead and invest in a good quality cylinder and incorporate it in your water heating system and use hot water without having to worry about running short of it!