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Signs Your Job Is Taking Over Your Life

It is incredibly easy for work to take over your life, and sometimes it is so hard to try and claw back some time so you can actually have a life! No one really likes to work long hours then come home when it is dark outside, have dinner, go to sleep, then wake up and do it all again. If work does start to take over your life, it can become quite boring, not to mention stressful.

No one likes to be stressed all the time, so it is important that you recognize the signs that your job is taking over your life, so you can put a stop to it and actually get some of your life back. The good news is that there are a lot of companies out there that are striving to get a work-life balance for their employees, because they understand the benefits that it can bring.

If you are finding that your work keeps interrupting your personal life, then you could have some big problems to address. Have a read on below at some of the major signs that your job is taking over your life:

You Talk About Work Non-Stop

It is obviously a good thing to talk with your partner or someone else about your day and what you did at work, but when it becomes the only thing you talk about, that’s when it becomes a big issue. Work is certainly a big part of your life, but it isn’t the only thing you’ve got going for yourself, so make sure if you find you keep talking about work, that you try and change the topic every now and again.

You Have A LOT of Vacation Days

It is healthy and normal for people to take time off work and go on a holiday. If you find that you have a lot of vacation days saved up, with no real plan to use them, then your work may be taking over your life. It is important that you have an outlet to unwind over a longer period, not just the two days most people get on the weekend. A holiday can help you renew your energy and come back refreshed.

You Aren’t Enjoying Your Weekend

If you are finding that your aren’t really enjoying your weekend because you are already stress about work, or thinking about what you need to do at work in the next week, then your job has certainly taken over your life. Yes, sometimes a job will require you to work on the weekend, like if there is a particularly busy period or a big project you are working on, but it shouldn’t be every weekend. The weekend is the time you can do some stuff for you.

You Work Through Your Break

Everyone working the typical hours gets a lunch break, usually around an hour. If you find that you are continuously working through your lunch break, then you probably have an issue. It is important that you have a break, even if it is just a small one throughout the day, to allow you to reorganize your priorities and come back with a good action plan.

You Work On Your Vacation

Taking the vacation days is one thing, but actually having time off and a vacation is another. If you are on a vacation but you are still working, is it even really a vacation? So, make sure that when you are on your vacation that you actually take a step back from work and really try to enjoy your time off.