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How to Prepare For A Consultation With A Property Development Firm

Dealing with a property development firm will provide clients with key insights and planning procedures that go beyond the usual.

Although there is value to be found with conveyancers, real estate agents and architects, these practitioners ensure that their constituents can maximise opportunity in the market for long-term strategically gain.

What is really important for men and women in this setting is to prepare for a consultation with these firms in the best way possible, obtaining the right type of information and being confident with their industry credentials.

Checking Online Rating

It is essential that clients approach a property development firm with an understanding about how that brand is viewed in the eyes of the public. Sites like Facebook and Google will offer ratings out of 5 stars and written feedback published in open forums. Take note of this commentary and see if there are outstanding trends in terms of success and failure with key procedures. Opinions in isolation should not carry a lot of weight, but a consensus will build with the online community.

Assessing Clientele Profile

While there will be one property development firm who specialises with commercial clientele for office and warehouse development, there will be others who cater towards the suburbs and residential communities. The most common example will include a mixture of the two with representatives catering to different ends of the market. If there are project managers, consultants, surveyors, site finders and architects who do have experience with a certain profile of home or business, that will stand the customer in good stead.

Establishing a Project Budget

No party should approach a property development firm without an understanding about their finances. The good news is that these operators have accountancy specialists involved in the project, giving participants a chance to examine their monetary position before projecting forward with facts and figures. Yet the purchase of land or the acquisition of a home or business will require a significant investment that has to be calculated and established.

Determining How The Firm Reduces Risk

It won’t say much for the quality of these firms if they are only interested in progressing deals forward without assessing the risk involved in a potential deal. From council regulations and health and safety provisions to a softening in the local economy to other factors that might be detrimental to the valuation, professionals in this sector have to be transparent when it comes to the subject of property risk.

Enquiring About Long-Term Valuation Prospects

The entire concept behind a property development firm is to increase the value position for constituents. For a group of investors hoping to turnover property acquisition to homeowners that want to lay down roots for the long-term, they want to be able to access data that projects forward 5, 10 and 20 years plus. Sometimes there will be outlets who manage to identify commercial residency and switch it to domestic living and vice versa, offering different strategies for obtaining this value.

Having Other Options on The Table

As something of a bargaining chip and leverage during talks, it is beneficial to have more than one property development firm as a point of contact. There is growing competition with these operations, especially in metropolitan centres. Depending on their policy, clients can enjoy an obligation-free consultation where they can see service quotes and assess the business on their merits.


If people follow through on these examples as they approach a property development firm for a consultation, they will be in a sound position to secure maximum value. This is not an exercise designed to provide a quick fix, but a method of being smart in the market and taking advantage of an opportunity that has been years of analysis in the making.