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Client Questions To Ask A Building Design Company

Homes and businesses that are looking at hiring a building design company should have a number of questions to ask.

These operators bring a lot to the table for their clientele, ensuring that they are able to modify designs and oversee construction projects to completion.

In order to proceed forth with the confidence that they are the right candidate, they should be forthcoming with the right type of information.

This is a great opportunity to ask the questions that will provide the most insightful responses.

“How Long Have You Been In The Industry?”

Experience counts for everything when customers are in consultation with a building design company. These operators can either work directly for a building organization or be a standalone entity that works for the consumer. Their longevity will inform participants about their credentials and their past history, ensuring that they won’t be daunted or overwhelmed by the responsibility that will be placed on them.

“Do You Have Formal Registration?”

There are different responsibilities at play with a building design company depending on the state that the business is based. While some states require a formal registration process, that is not the case with all outlets. Because of this, it is imperative to ask the question regardless of the state that the job will be based. This is particularly the case when the plan has to be certified through council.

“Do You Have Experience With Residential and/or Commercial Projects?”

It is helpful for clients to get a feel for a building design company when it comes to their profile of experience. Although there are similarities between the two, there are different pressures and demands at play when working with residential customers or those in a commercial space. Identify who they have worked with in the past before taking advantage of their technical drafting skills.

“How Will The Design Be Presented?”

It is important for the customer to get a sense of how the plans will be laid out once a building design company has drafted up the blueprint for their constituents. There are practitioners in this field who will stick to a standard formula where the design will be printed and copied for digital purposes on a larger layout. Then there are other specialists who will utilise 3D tools through unique software programming, offering an immersive experience for the client to see the details up close.

“How Much Will The Service Cost?”

The budget will be front of mind when residential and commercial clients sit down to talk with these companies. This is a service that can cost anywhere between 2%-8% of the overall construction cost depending on the provider. Of course this is money that homes and businesses will want to save for the physical development, but the clarity of the planning, the council clearance and the long-term value addition will be a key price point that constituents have to factor in before settling on an appropriate fee for the building design company.

“What Happens With The Construction Side of The Project?”

The job description of a building design company can be somewhat misleading for those participants who are unaware about the industry. Their role is to developing the sketching of the building plans, to visit the site, to examine codes, calculate labour and to have all of the documentation prepared and certified. The next phase is the physical construction. Rather than running off on a wild chase for the next operator, it is worthwhile identifying which candidates are better placed fulfilling their vision and having the site completed on time and within budget.