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How to Check References of a Wedding Photography and Videography Provider

Couples will be delighted when they finally fall upon a wedding photography and videography provider that ticks all of the essential boxes.

Walking away from the event with a deluxe set of pictures and videos will allow everyone to cherish the moment for a lifetime.

The point of focus for participants at this stage is to identify a specialist who has the credentials and expertise to oversee the project.

Outlets in this industry will always market themselves as the best operators for the job, but the devil will be in the detail for engaged parties that want to do their due diligence.

Checking Specialist Online Profile

The amount of online information that is available for a wedding photography and videography provider will be telling. It will be indicative of their history in the area and whether or not they are a regular hire for couples. As much as the quantity is a key indicator, so to is the quality. Ratings will be issued within a 5-star system, giving men and women alike the opportunity to see if they meet industry standards or fail to meet the moment.

Talking With Past Clientele

According to Lorenzo Sandoval there is no better judge of a wedding photography and videography provider than the people who have invested in their service beforehand. It is rare to consume this information in person through friends, family members or colleagues, but this is simply an exercise of asking the question and seeing which team or professional comes highly recommended. It is just as valuable to know which practitioners to avoid at all costs, removing them from the shortlist.

Assessing Back Catalogue of Operator

When sitting down to have a conversation with a wedding photography and videography provider, individuals need to assess the quality and style of their back catalogue. Is it in a contemporary fashion? Is the style more classic by nature? How do they integrate the images and videos as part of a client package? How many photos do they produce? How soon do they produce the final product after the event has completed? Their back catalogue will be revealing with these details.

Gauging Communication Skills

A wedding photography and videography provider has to be personable with their clients and the guests at the event. At their best, these practitioners will enjoy a small footprint to kindly guide couples and guests around the vicinity to get the best possible framing for their work. The videos are optimal when they are “fly on the wall” documentations of the day’s events. This requires experience and expert communication skills, working with the key participants to subtly influence their positioning for these moments.

Determining Price Point

Ultimately the price of service is where a wedding photography and videography provider proves part of their credentials. Too expensive and they have priced themselves out of the market and reserved themselves for high-end clientele only. Too cheap and there will be concerns about their viability and resources on hand. It is a balance to strike and should be an environment where other forms of value are obtained through digital production delivery, social media integration, security protection measures and other saleable features as part of the overall package.


There will be some couples who are happy to hire a wedding photography and videography provider based on a strong referral. On most occasions, that is a process that will work out fine. For others there will be issues that arise over the course of the event, and this is where the assessment of the credentials is important. Study their viability and see if they are fit for purpose before handing them the responsibility to document this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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