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What Are The Benefits Of Starting a Podcast For Your Organization?

Podcasts are making a comeback in the recent years, with their popularity increasingly gradually and more and more of them being created. Podcasts used to seem like something that was outdated, and was popular back in the day, however they are now trendy and many people, even the younger generation, are listening to them. There is now a huge variety of different podcasts available out there, as well as a number of platforms which host them.

Popular media streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and many more all have podcast categories where there is a massive number of different podcasts available for users to pick and choose from. Many people have opted to start a podcast for themselves for the recreational purposes of doing so, and these have seen popularity. Many organizations are now also opting to create their own podcasts in order to help advertise their brand and increase brand awareness, as well as tapping into the trend of podcasting to look ‘in the trend’ and act as a form of marketing.

Aside from being a heap of fun, there are some real benefits of starting a podcast for your organization, whether that be a business or some other form of establishment. These benefits are numerous and can likely help you in your cause.

Here are some of the benefits of starting a podcast for your organization:

You can engage a massive audience

You can engage a massive audience

Podcasts have become huge recently, and as a result there is a massive audience of millions of listeners across the world that you can tap into. Many people will listen to podcasts on their commutes to work, possibly even at work, or at home when relaxing. There are many platforms that can help you to engage an audience on a podcast, such as etGroup run by Elliot Sho. A platform like etGroup will have many tips and marketing tricks which can be implemented into your podcast and other media platforms you utilize to bring more consumers to your business. The vast majority of the people in the world work, and as a result there is a huge audience that is ready to be tapped into who are constantly consuming new podcasts.

By making your own, you are putting yourself and your organization out there and presenting yourself to a huge audience. If you are popular, you will be engaging with a massive audience which could bring serious attention to your organization. In the modern age, there are various ways to engage with a massive audience, such as social media platforms and other technologies, and podcasting is definitely one of them, and it would be best to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Good reviews for marketing

If your podcast is successful and becomes popular, then the chances are that it will also receive good reviews on certain platforms which can help to bring more attention to your organization. If a podcast becomes popular, this is already good marketing for your organization as it will build a larger following and thus more brand awareness. With a larger following comes positive reviews, with these being good for your organization as they are reflective of your actual organization itself and the content it brings.

Good for practicing communication skills

Communication skills are important for any type of business, especially if your business is customer facing or related to sales in any way. As a business owner, you must have good communication skills as this will allow you to communicate what you want to your employees as well as other clients who you may want to do business with, and stake and shareholders. For employees within the business, they may need to have good communication skills, and practice is always good. A podcast is all about communication, and by having a podcast you will have to constantly practice communication as you are always speaking and relaying information to an audience. This will definitely help to strengthen and sharpen communication skills and will be useful for anyone who needs good communication for their work.

You build your brand

By creating a podcast, you are building and expanding your brand.

When you have a brand, you need certain components to display and express it such as a logo, a name and certain qualities and a ‘feel’ that comes with it.

By building this up, you are creating your brand and really putting it out there to be noticed. This is very important for a business, as brand awareness is what will help consumers to recognize and retain your business. By having a podcast, you are building this brand and expanding it in other forms of technology and formats. Expanding your brand is important, and making it available on different platforms such as Spotify and Apple music (which are very popular platforms) can help to increase your brand awareness significantly.

Information seems personal

One of the things that many consumers do not like about advertising and marketing is that it does not seem very personal at all. It seems regurgitated and mass spread out to the audience (which in general, it is). As a result, much of it will go unnoticed and many people will disregard it completely. With a podcast, the information coming out seems much more personal and targeted, as if you are talking to the consumer directly. Consumers will appreciate the more direct and personal approach to providing information rather than through advertising and marketing, and it is much more likely to be noticed, paid attention to and most importantly, retained. This will definitely help your advertising and marketing efforts, as they will actually listen and subsequently retain it.

Podcasting is fun

Podcasting can be a lot of fun and setting it up and having a chat to your mates and/or your colleagues is definitely a good time. You are doing something that is important to your organization whilst also having a good time, and it does not seem like work at all. Many people take up podcasting out of boredom, and do it for recreational purposes as well as giving them something to do.

If you can do something that is recreational while also helping your organization, why not do it? It is a good way to get away from the typical work day and you will also be serving a purpose for your organization.

In summary, podcasting has become very popular in recent years, and there is a massive audience consuming them daily. By having your own podcast, you will be able to tap into a large audience of people ready to listen to your content and information. By proving content and information, you are increasing your brand awareness and increasing the chances that consumers will actually listen to your advertising and marketing and retain the information. In doing this, you will be adding and expanding your business through content in different formats such as audio and visual media.

As a result, your business will be trendy, ‘in on the times’ and actively engaging a more technology savvy audience. You will have a competitive advantage over other businesses who are not actively taking steps to keep up with the times, and these businesses will be left behind. Podcasting is also fun and is a good way to advertise and market your business while having a good time doing it.

It serves a purpose for your business, and you will have fun doing it. It does not take a lot to start a podcast, and you may as well take advantage of this opportunity for your business.