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Basics of Helicopter Pilot Training

Do you wish to fly a helicopter? Well, you need to be trained to fly it. Let us share some basic information about helicopter pilot training with you so that you know you need to be well equipped with the right knowledge, training, and license before you take the helicopter in the air.

To fly a helicopter, you need to be over sixteen years and need the following certification to make yourself capable of flying it. There are different helicopter pilot training available that you should know and get to become a licensed helicopter pilot.

Before going for these certifications, you need to fulfill certain requirements that are as follows:

  • Age requirement
  • Good communication skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Medical clearance
  • Clear other needed federal aviation requirements

Once you comply with the above requirements, you can get training and a license to become a successful helicopter pilot. The following are the training that is basic to become the best helicopter pilot.

PPL (H)-Private Pilot License

This is the first basic helicopter pilot training that permits you to fly a helicopter for recreation, pleasure, or fulfill your dream of flying a helicopter; and is a must needed training to start your Commercial Pilot Certificate training. This training involves knowledge of the fundamentals of flying and helicopter so that you become well aware of the machine that you are flying. During this stage, the instructor accompanies the learner in every flight until assured that the candidate is ready for the solo flying. After clearing solo flying tests and other needed requirements, you get the PPL to fly the helicopter.

CPL (H) – Commercial Pilot License

This helicopter pilot training further builds your skill and is necessary for commercial flying or if one intends to choose helicopter flying as a career. This training is necessary to take your flying skills to the next level to make you a good professional pilot. You can apply for this training course/license once you have got the private pilot license successfully. This training marks the entry into the professional world. Not only you become a pro at flying but learn planning, decision making, and use of the right resources to assess and improvise according to the changing situation during the flight sessions. You will learn all the key factors to become a safe and proficient commercial pilot.

IR (H) – Instrument Rating

This rating is associated to a Commercial Helicopter License or Private Pilot Helicopter License. It indicates skills that a pilot must learn and know to be a proficient and safe pilot as per IFR. This is now days considered to be essential to be known as a safe, proficient pilot. It is better to get this helicopter pilot training in between your PPL and CPL training. The rating is earned through extensive training and knowledge of flying a helicopter and knowing its instruments really well.

ATP (H) – Airline Transport Pilot License

Looking to further add value to your resume or want to excel in your career, this helicopter pilot training is certainly the one that helps in excelling your flying skills.  This training course is one of the highest levels of certifications designed to make pilots capable of flying passengers as per commercial flight standards with ease and efficiency.  This course covers advanced meteorology, advanced navigation centers, aerodynamics, and other related subjects to give the candidate the most advanced knowledge.

Other than these basic training, there are other courses designed to improve helicopter pilot skills and knowledge to continuously improve the IR rating and to make the pilot capable and efficient in flying the helicopter in the air.