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3 Ways To Detect Cheating In Your Relationship

Cheating is one of the worst betrayals you can suffer in a monogamous relationship, and naturally, you want to avoid falling victim to it. Being discarded for someone else obviously feels terrible, and can be soul-crushing when you discover has taken place for some time.

If you’ve looked up this article, it’s a sign you may have something to worry about, but before you confront your partner, read the following to see if your concerns are valid.

1.   They are less interested in sex with you

One of the first signs of cheating is when your partner no longer seems sexually interested in you and doesn’t have the same passion for you as they once did. While you might still have sex often, if they look like they are ‘phoning it in’, then it may be a sign they are seeking sexual gratification from someone else.

However, this could also mean they are just in a lull sexually, The best thing to do is talk to them about it.

2.   They aren’t honest or are vague about their whereabouts

While you don’t need to GPS track your partner everywhere they go, if they suddenly start coming home later and make up lots of different excuses for it then it’s a cause for concern. You should be able to tell when your partner is failing to be honest with you, and when patterns in their movements change. You will likely naturally detect this, and following your suspicions may be necessary.

3.   They’ve pushed for threesomes or an open relationship before

If you are strictly monogamous in your values, then its unlikely your partner is going to convince you to invite another person in the bedroom or allow them to pursue casual sex with others. While it’s not a cause of concern if they gauge the topic with you early in your relationship while you are still learning about each other, it should be concerning if they are routinely trying to wear you down into it.