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Why WordPress Is So Loved By SEO Experts?

If you run your own website, the chances are that it is a WordPress site! In fact, WordPress powers over a third of the web. There are many reasons why WordPress is so widely usered, but the biggest one is that it is very user friendly.

No matter your level of skills when it comes to managing a website, WordPress can help you along the way. SEO’s also love WordPress because it helps make the website more SEO friendly. WordPress offers a lot of different solutions to making your website great.

Also, because WordPress is so widely used, you will find a lot of different guides available on the internet. So, if you are stuck on something, you’ll likely be able to get some assistance.

If you are building a new website and aren’t sure which content management system to go with, you should certainly be considering WordPress. You may even look for assistance with the design of your website from a web designer or an SEO company, to help get the ball rolling.

Managing your WordPress website is pretty easy. Have a read on below at some of the main reasons why WordPress is so loved:


There are so many difficult plugins, so many so that it can actually get a bit overwhelming. Make sure you do your research to get a proper understanding of all the main plugins that are available with WordPress.

You should then only choose the plugins that are related to your site. These plugins should take the technical work out of adding certain components to your website. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, there is probably a plugin for that!

Customised Designs

The designs available with WordPress are all pretty awesome. Not only do they look cool, but also they are also functional and optimised. If you have ever designed a new website, or are currently in the process right now, you will understand that there has to be a compromise between looks and functional.

The great thing about WordPress is that a lot of the designs are actually free! WordPress allows for hyper customisation to ensure that your website has it’s own look and feel. Different themes can be changed easily if desired, and WordPress even gives themes an update every now and again.

Ease of Publishing Content

Yes, the design of your website is probably the fun part. You get to make it look awesome with a great user experience. But another thing your website needs on it is content, and WordPress is certainly here to make the process super easy.

The actual creation of the content can be difficult, but publishing it to your WordPress site is a breeze. The interface is easy to navigate and WordPress can even help with ensuring your content is fully optimised for SEO.

No matter how often you are looking to update your content, WordPress should be your go to. WordPress helps to ensure your content is awesome and technically sound, without the need for you to have much or any technical knowledge.

It is so easy to understand how to use the block editor and even if you are having some troubles, there are a lot of online guides they can help you step by step. WordPress is all about user friendliness and ensuring that even those with limited knowledge can still make their website look awesome and it works properly.

With all these factors contributing to an awesome user experience with WordPress, it is easy to see why it is loved and used by so many websites. WordPress should certainly be seriously considered if you are looking to start your own website.