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What Are The Different Categories Of Crime?

There are various types of crime that exist. All crimes can be categorized into major categories used by criminologists. These categories include Violent Crime, Property Crime, White Collar Crime, Consensual or Victimless Crime, and Organized Crime. Contained within these major categories are specific crimes that exist. For example, violent crime will contain homicide and rape, whereas white-collar crime will contain fraud and embezzlement. These are the different major categories of crime.

Violent crime

Violent crime is one of the more notable of crimes, as it is reported on often in the media and is the most ‘flashy’ and shocking of crimes. Crimes of this nature concern most citizens and is a real problem for many communities around the world. The specific crimes within violent crime include homicide, murder, assault, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and kidnapping. This is also dependant on the nature of the crimes.

Property crime

Property crime is an umbrella term for the crimes of burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson. It is primarily to do with crimes involving the stealing, damage, or destruction of property between parties.

White-collar crime

White-collar crime is not often pictured when using the word ‘criminal’, but it is just as damaging as other types of crimes more commonly portrayed by the media. These crimes can include corporate crime, embezzlement, fraud, and using schemes such as a pyramid or Ponzi schemes to defraud investors.

Organized crime

Refers to criminal activity in an organized manner, through groups and organizations. One of the more well-known types of crime due to media influence such as ‘The Godfather’ portraying the Mafia and rap music gang influence. Government efforts are heavily focused on the fight against organized crime.

Consensual crime

Consensual crime refers to behaviors in which people are not harming anyone. This includes drug use, gambling, and pornography. These are not entirely victimless and that is why the term consensual crime is preferred over a victimless crime.

These are the major categories of crime, and all crimes can be categorized within them.