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Is Temu a Real Company? Comparing Temu vs Amazon Prices

It’s that time of year again when we look at our bank accounts and feel a little pain at how much we’re about to spend for the holidays. Of course, Christmas is a time for showing our love and appreciation for our friends and family members, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to save a little money while we do it!

If you’re anything like us, you may simply head to stores like Amazon to buy as many gifts as you can in one go. But what if we said you could do exactly that on another site and save a ton of money?

We think it’s possible – today we’re going to compare Temu and Amazon on their prices to see which is the best place to spend your holiday dollars.

What is Temu? Is Temu a Real Company?

Yes, Temu is a real company. Temu is an e-commerce marketplace that launched in the US only a few months ago in September 2022. Temu offers high-quality products at wholesale prices from thousands of small businesses. Temu is a member of PDD Holdings (Nasdaq:PDD) and, therefore, has access to their global network of suppliers. This exclusive access allows Temu to source thousands of products at the best prices. They share many of the same suppliers that also sell on Amazon, but have lower prices since they don’t charge the same seller fees that Amazon does. What does that mean for us? We don’t need to pay for additional mark-ups and get to save more money!

What is Amazon?

Amazon probably doesn’t need an introduction but there are some misconceptions about what Amazon is. Like Temu, Amazon is a large global marketplace where smaller companies can sell their products. Amazon charges these sellers fees for listing and takes a cut of every sale.

Temu vs Amazon Holiday Prices Compared

The holidays are a costly time and so it’s well worth doing what you can to save money. Often, that means shopping around on sites and looking for discount codes, and frankly, it’s time-intensive. The good news is that Temu and Amazon sell many of the same products all in one place, so you don’t need to jump from site to site paying multiple shipping fees just to save a little money. On top of that, Temu’s discovery-based shopping platform makes it fun to shop and they frequently offer different discounts and promotional events that help customers earn and save more on Temu.

Don’t just take it from us. Connie Chan, a General Partner at globally renowned venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz, tweeted about how Temu is different from Amazon and shares her review of Temu:

how Temu is different from Amazon and shares her review of Temu

Before we jump into some examples of how much you can save shopping on Temu versus shopping on Amazon, we should also note that Temu offers free shipping on all orders (Amazon only offers free shipping for Prime members). Now, let’s compare the prices of some popular holiday gifts.

Aula Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are a great gift for gamers and anyone who likes to brighten up their space with LEDs. A gaming keyboard like this has multicolored lights and an ergonomic wrist rest to help prevent injury when spending a long time at the keyboard.

On Amazon, this keyboard costs $39.99.

On Amazon, this keyboard costs

On Temu, the same keyboard costs just $27.98 – saving you over $10.

On Temu, the same keyboard

This is the exact same product available at two very different prices – why pay more?

Child’s Belle Costume

If you’ve got a little one that is more likely to wear a costume out than their own clothes, a new costume makes a great holiday gift. This Beauty and the Beast-themed yellow dress costs $26.49 on Amazon.

Child’s Belle Costume

On Temu, it costs just $7.48 – meaning you save the almost $20 markup!

On Temu, it costs

Van Gogh Diamond Painting

Forget paint-by-numbers, diamond paintings are the new fun relaxing gift for people who like to be artsy but aren’t natural artists. You can find a huge range of different pictures that have been made into diamond painting sets, but this Van Gogh Starry Night set can be found on both Temu and Amazon.

On Amazon, this set will set you back $15.99.

On Amazon, this set will set you back

On Temu, the same set will cost you just $3.48. That’s a huge saving.

On Temu, the same set will cost you just $3.48

Women’s Orolay Hooded Coat

Orolay is a popular brand of coat you can find on both Amazon and Temu. They make quality down jackets perfect for anyone living in a state that feels the cold in the winter. Since the snow has already arrived for most of us, these coats make great gifts, but their quality comes at a cost.

On Amazon, this blue long winter coat will cost you $144.99.

On Amazon, this blue long winter coat will cost you $144.99

On Temu, it costs just $72.48.

On Temu, it costs just $72.48

Van Gogh Washi Tape Set

Washi tapes and other stationary gifts are ideal for the planners, students, and crafty people in your life. These washi tapes are high quality and even come with gold foiling – perfect for decorating scrapbooks and journals. On Amazon, this washi tape set costs $8.99.

Van Gogh Washi Tape Set

On Temu, the same washi tape set costs $2.98.

On Temu, the same washi tape set costs

Check out these other Temu vs Amazon price comparison Youtube videos.

Temu vs Amazon Mofii Keyboard:

Temu vs Amazon Fidget Toy:

Why is Temu So Much Cheaper?

This is likely the next question on your mind – how can Temu afford to be so much cheaper than Amazon? They don’t have the same seller fees. Amazon charges the small businesses selling through them high fees – they charge them to list products, often to house and ship products, and take a cut of the profit. In other words, anyone listing on Amazon has to bump up the price to make their profit.

Temu doesn’t charge their sellers the same high fees so you get the benefit of wholesale pricing with the same quality products.

This is why Temu is getting so much buzz. Want to see the buzz for yourself? See this review on Retail Insider Is Temu Legit? or see these two glowing reviews from real customers – 5 Stars from Brent Adams and 5 Stars from Brenda Golden.

Save Money This Christmas

For us, the answer is simple – we’ll be getting in our Christmas gift orders on Temu as soon as possible so we can get them wrapped and under the tree long before the big day. Temu is the real deal and shopping on Temu will let you save hundreds of dollars on your gifts. Temu isn’t yet as well-known as Amazon and other major e-commerce retailers, but with their fast-improving delivery times, incredibly attentive customer service team, and pocket-friendly prices, it’s only a matter of time.