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Interview with Christian Eckmair | CEO and Founder of Revolutionary CBD Company – CBDNOL

Christian Eckmair founded his company CBDNOL with a simple premise – to sell high-quality organically acquired, and safe CBD products to German-speaking countries. It is 100% legal and lab tested to ensure that each product is safe for consumption. With the market widening and becoming increasingly more diverse, CBDNOL has quickly found itself to be one of the most highly regarded producers of CBD products in Europe.

With a range extending to oils, Flowers and cosmetics, CBDNOL only continues to grow in conjunction with the CBD industry and beyond.

We had the opportunity to have a sit-down with Christian to discuss his business practices, thoughts on the industry, and what is next for CBDNOL:

Hi Christian, can you begin by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Christian Eckmair, I am an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and CEO of CBDNOL. My company produces high quality and organically cultivated CBD products for German-speaking countries.

How did you go about developing your business CBDNOL?

The CBD market continues to grow in a very encouraging manner, more people around the world are tuning into the positive effects of safe CBD products. CBDNOL came from my desire to see people enjoying a superior product that is safe and enjoyable to use. I have a distinct passion for maintaining sustainability in the entire process as well which is why we are committed to maintaining this.

Why did you decide to go into the CBD industry?

As I mentioned before, the industry is expanding faster than anyone could have imagined. More countries are coming around to the benefits of CBD, legalising at a rate not seen before. As it is such a young industry, I felt that being a part of it as early as possible was important, not only for myself, but for people who wish to try out CBD products in a safe and assured manner. I have a unique opportunity for promoting a sustainable and safe approach for the industry that is still finding its feet. To be able to set the standard for a burgeoning industry which involves production also allows the company to show that a sustainable process can be successful and will hopefully influence future standards.

What kind of products do you sell?

We sell a wide variety of products that are EU-approved and completely safe for consumers. I wanted CBDNOL to be known for its wide and equal range of quality products, so we strived for diversity. For this we use the whole hemp plant in various and exciting ways. We offer CBD oils, flowers, CBD cosmetics which has everything from lip balms to bath bombs. We have consumable CBD products with a range from CBD protein powder to chewing gum.

To maintain regulation and legality we extract all THC out to less than 0.2% so it is safe and not psychoactive. We, of course, test all our products rigorously to ensure quality and comfort.

What methods are used to create your products?

Our products are sourced from organic farming. The process is sustainable and guarantees that the products will be free from any chemical additives. I was determined that CBDNOL be responsible for every step of the process. Harvesting the plants from the organic farms in Austria and Switzerland, extracting the oil and bottling or incorporating it into our range before exporting them directly to consumers. We carefully obtain CBD oil from the plants through CO2 extraction which is a gentle and safe process. We remain vigilant that all the beneficial aspects of the plant and oils remain undamaged and safe to use.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

Ah, the question that a lot of people ask. THC and CBD interact with slightly different areas of the brain and have wildly different impacts on the conscious mind. THC is the psychoactive property of cannabis and is often what is associated with getting people “high” or “stoned”. THC is the element that causes the hemp plant to be associated with controversy in so many places around the world.

CBD is not psychoactive however and will not get you “high” in this way. CBD does have a range of incredibly beneficial properties that are more therapeutic and safer to use for a wide range of people and is much easier to incorporate into more products effectively.

What benefits can CBD have?

CBD is considered a miracle by many sufferers of often debilitating ailments. While it is not a cure-all, it has many documented and well-backed benefits for those with chronic pain, nausea and anxiety, this is due to the calming effect of CBD. It’s wide use for migraines, seizures, depression, insomnia and inflammation have made it a popular alternative for many people who do not want to depend on chemically laced pharmaceuticals.

How do you see the CBD industry developing in the future?

I can honestly say I am excited to see where it goes. The CBD industry is still growing at an incredible rate, I hope to see CBDNOL continue to pioneer the industry forward. I can hope for more people to realise its remarkable potential as an effective alternative to more chemically laced products of treatment. I wish to see the industry grow into a sustainable and eco-friendly one, of course I wish to see more people incorporate it into their everyday lives as well.

Thank you Christian for your time!
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