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How to Choose a Trustworthy Online Pharmacy

There is a number of reasons why people choose to buy prescription drugs online. From increasing costs of drugs and changes in health insurance coverage to the convenience of ordering them online. However, there is a plethora of online pharmacies and drug dispensaries out there, and distinguishing between their legitimacies can be challenging. While lots of them operate legitimately, there are others that you shouldn’t rely on. In this article, we’ve come up with a few simple yet helpful tips on how to choose a trustworthy online pharmacy.

How to Spot a Bogus Online Pharmacy

Although it can sometimes be hard to tell if an online pharmacy is legitimate, there are a few ways to spot a bogus online pharmacy;

  • A pharmacy that does not require a prescription: This is one of the easiest ways to spot a bogus online pharmacy. A legit online pharmacy will always request a valid prescription from your healthcare provider.
  • An online pharmacy that always offers a super bargain on prices: When the prices of the drugs are extremely low compared to the amount you would normally pay, chances are it’s too good to be true, and you need to be wary of such stores.
  • Online pharmacies that send spam emails about offers on cheap medicine.
  • Online pharmacies located out of the country

Some of the risks involved with buying medicine from a bogus online pharmacy include;

  • Buying drugs with wrong and harmful ingredients
  • Bad reaction to the medicines
  • Stolen personal and banking information

Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Online Pharmacy

Proper License and Address

Ensure that your online pharmacy or seller is based in your country and has the proper certifications and license from a recognized pharmacy regulatory authority. For example, Canada Drugs is a safe and legitimate online Canadian pharmacy that is certified under the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Also, the online pharmacy should have their address and contact information listed on their website for clients to easily verify their legitimacy and also express concerns.

Valid Prescription as a Requirement

A legitimate online pharmacy should be one that always requires a valid prescription from a licensed physician or health care practitioner. Also, be on the lookout for any online pharmacy that offers to provide you with a doctor to write a prescription for you as this is a major red flag, not to mention illegal.

Check with Your Health Insurance

Usually, most health insurance companies vet pharmacies before adding them to their list of suppliers. So, if you have a health insurance plan that offers prescription coverage, you can make things easier by just asking for their list of approved online pharmacies.

Avoid Online Pharmacies with Prices that are Too Good To Be True

It is understandable to want to shop around different stores in order to save money on prescription costs. However, an online pharmacy with unrealistically low prices should definitely make you wary.


Thanks to technology, people now have a convenient and cost-effective option of purchasing prescription drugs online. However, proper research needs to be done to verify that the online pharmacy you are purchasing from is legit and trustworthy.