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Fyrebox quizzes founder Cyril Gaillard prioritises engagement as a means to retain customers and students

Cyril Gaillard founded Fyrebox quizzes upon noticing the range of opportunities that online quizzes could present for both businesses and educational institutions. With marketing and learning both facing major moves to the online world, quizzes have quickly become one of the most useful tools for sharing information and gathering data. This allows for an enjoyable experience for the quiz takers and useful feedback for the implementers of the quiz.

After developing an iPad game for his niece in 2011 to give her an easy and fun way to learn French, Cyril Gaillard developed Fyrebox as a way to deliver quizzes to more people. Aimed at both businesses and at the education sector, Fyrebox provides a unique opportunity to create and customize some of the most engaging quizzes on the market.

For businesses, the quizzes can be used as surveys, interactive competitions or product recommendation tools. The quizzes can be advertised via platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads to reach a wide audience and encourage them to participate. Once clicked, the quiz is delivered in an engaging way that ensures the customer completes it in its entirety. Once this has happened, they can be offered a certificate of completion. Through this process, the information from the customer and their details can be transferred to a business’ CRM or email marketing software. This can then be used to either contact the customer with specific campaigns or simply to learn more about a target market, its needs, and how the company can adjust their strategies to meet these needs.

For educators, quizzes provide the opportunity to attract and retain engaged students. The quizzes can then be integrated with the institution’s Learning Management System to test the students and identify any areas of weakness in their knowledge and understanding. The ability for real-time feedback on an individual student or a class as a whole is extremely valuable for directing a teacher’s lesson plan and solving any problems as soon as they arise. The quizzes are often also used as assessments, with teachers having their students create a free account and make a quiz to prove their knowledge.

The chatbot feature has been developed by Cyril Gaillard and Fyrebox as a tool for simulating human conversation and further boosting engagement. Your phone’s messaging applications’ format is used and questions and answers are delivered in this way to create a unique and exciting experience.

Engagement is the focus of Fyrebox’s mission and Cyril Gaillard continues to create new ways of appealing to customers and students to ensure that the quizzes fulfil their maximum potential.