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5 Best Financial Services in Miami🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Financial Services in Miami, offering: business planning, tax services, and more.  To learn more about Miami, click here.

Miami’s Best Financial Services:

The top-rated Financial Services in Miami are:

  • Infinite Financial Services – has more than 20 years of experience in financial planning
  • Summar Financial – provides fast and simple solutions for your business funding
  • Manna Wealth Management – helps you make the right financial decisions for your future
  • Idea Financial – offers fast and flexible business financing options
  • On Track Financial Group – delivers a comprehensive and hassle-free financial experience

Infinite Financial Services

Infinite Financial Services in Miami

Infinite Financial Services starts off our list as the most Google-reviewed financial service here in Miami. The staff of this top-notch financial group has more than two decades of experience in business consulting and planning. If you are in need of a first-class business plan, you can truly trust in the wealth of their experience and expertise.

At present, they have catered to almost a hundred businesses here in Miami. In addition to that, they provide comprehensive and practical advice when it comes to maximizing your refund potential. Get in touch with them today for a free tax consultation!


Address: 742 NE 79th St, Miami, FL 33138
Phone: (786) 536-5763


“Fast and direct answers to all my questions at almost any time of the day, quick filing of my personal details and loan. Extremely I mean EXTREMELY RAPID APPROVAL ON MY LOAN!!!!!! I appreciate the top quality this company has shown me. The myth is true. What they say about the Magician 🎩” – Hector Jimenez

Summar Financial

Summar Financial in Miami

Summar Financial is another sought-after financial group in South Florida. This no-hassle funding company is dedicated to providing fast and simple solutions for your business. For over 16 years, they have served more than 5,000 clients and financed an astonishing amount of $3 billion.

Moreover, they go above and beyond in providing personalized services that fit your business requirements. You also don’t need to worry about hidden charges as their services come at transparent and cost-efficient rates. Visit their website today to learn more!


Address: 2299 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33145
Phone: (786) 406-7300


“The best Factoring Company for carriers, very professional, friendly, extremely concerned, it feels like you are working with your family, a good family. We have already had three in the last year, and Summar has broken expectations of respect for its customers and excellent service. In addition to protecting our income and never take your money when a broker does not pay, they do collect the bills. The best.” – Nilka Rey

Manna Wealth Management

Manna Wealth Management in Miami

Manna Wealth Management comes next on our list. The financial advisors of this renowned financial group help you make the right financial decisions when it comes to your future. Truly, these fiduciaries will always put your best interests forward with regard to your financial plans and investments.

Likewise, this is an excellent financial group to call whether you are gearing up for college, paying off a debt, or planning your retirement. You can also get in touch with them if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency.


Address: 701 Brickell Ave Suite 860, Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (305) 306-7107


“David is truly one of a kind. He is sincere AND smart and totally skilled in what he does. I have dealt with a lot of wealth managers in my lifetime and David is a breed of his own. He truly cares about his clients and helping them succeed in life. When working with David, you feel like you are working with a long-time friend who just wants to see you grow to your full potential. All of the investment advice he has given to me has been top-notch and worked in my favor. I could not recommend him more! There really is no competition. Manna Wealth Management is the best the city (and country) has to offer!” – Leslie Rimboeck

Idea Financial

Idea Financial in Miami

Idea Financial is a well-known financial group in the city as well. With their fast and flexible business financing options, you can choose from various business loans and lines of credit available. As a matter of fact, you can borrow up to $250,000.

Truly, they understand how business loans and working capital can get in the way of your business goals and growth. As such, you can easily apply for the right financing solution for yourself and have your request approved on the same day.  Start funding your business with Idea Financial today!


Address: 200 SE 1st St #200, Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (855) 900-7838


“I am a Contract CFO for an early-stage packaging manufacturer who has a line of credit issued by Idea Financial (account run by Rafael). Given the lack of banking options for small businesses, Idea has been an excellent solution to fund working capital. I’ve also been impressed with the usability and reporting functions on their online platform.” – Russ Williams

On Track Financial Group

On Track Financial Group in Miami

Finally, On Track Financial Group completes our list of the best financial services that you can find in Miami. This team of outstanding financial advisers is committed to proving a hassle-free and educational finance experience for you. You can call on them to be your reliable finance brokers to help you keep your finances on the right track.

Moreover, they provide innovative and comprehensive financial solutions. At present, they have access to an extensive range of lenders with more than 600 lending products. Browse through the testimonials of their previous clients to learn more!


Phone: (07) 5641 0140


“On Track Financial Group, Mr. Pedro guided us and explained the whole process in getting our home loan approval, and any questions were responded to properly. It was clear and all steps communicated properly. Happy with his service and recommendation. The handover process with the bank was efficient and transparent.” – Juan Ruiz