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Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Removal

You could be renovating a house or trying to get rid of a particularly persistent stain. Regardless of what it is, carpet removal is something that many people will have to do at some point for their property. There are professional services out there for carpet removal, and these are generally recommended over DIY, however sometimes you just cannot afford it and you may need to do it yourself.

There are many aspects and things to do with carpet removal, and it is important to know what these are, in order to do the best job possible.

You will need certain tools, methods and tips to know what you are doing, and to do a good job of removing carpet.

However, you also need to research and consider whether or not you want to do this project DIY style, or leave it to the professionals.

What you should know before going down the DIY Carpet Removal road:

It is not as simple as ripping it up and throwing it out

Carpet is typically very heavy and bulky,

Carpet is typically very heavy and bulky, and not as light as it looks.

Pulling up a carpet can be more difficult than it seems due to this heaviness, and other aspects. Carpet will be attached to the edges of walls through pieces of wood with sharp nails called ‘tack strips’. You will have to pull the carpet off of these tack strips, and this can be difficult as it is nailed in. Then, the tack strips must also be pried up from the floor and the old carpet glue scraped off, which is also very difficult. All of these things combine to create an increasingly difficult task, and it is not as easy as simply ripping up the carpet and throwing it out.

Measuring for a new carpet is hard to do

You can figure out the square footage required, but there are many more minimal tweaks that have to be considered too in order to have the correct measurements. You have to consider things such as how many rolls of carpet are required, as larger floors often require more than one roll. You also need to add extra carpet for wiggle room, just in case. Carpet is also directional, meaning that all the carpet rolls have to be installed in the same direction in order to look like a continuous flow, rather than looking awkward.

It may be a better idea to leave the measurements to the professionals.

Cutting a carpet can be challenging

Cutting a carpet can be challenging

It is uncommon for a room to ever be a simple box shape; it usually has waves, edges and so on. This presents a challenge when cutting a carpet. If there are also features in the room, it can be difficult to cut around them, and cutting carpet to fit these features is also a skill.

Tools you will need to remove carpet

Utility knife

Utility knife

A utility knife is especially helpful, as it is used in the cutting up of the carpet.

It will take precision, measurements and patience in order to do so properly.

Utility knives are very sharp tools, which make them perfect for cutting up carpet; however this also presents a safety hazard. You need to be very careful when using them, and protective gloves are recommended as a result. When cutting carpet, you may be pulling back too hard and the knife can spring up and can cause serious injury. Utility knives often come in packs of more than one, meaning if someone is helping you with your carpet removal, then this could be especially helpful.

Pry bar

Pry bar for carpet removal

A pry bar is very useful for removing tack strips. This tool is simple to operate correctly, and will help to pull up tack strips in one go. This tool works well enough for homeowners; however it may take some effort. It is best to use a pry bar in combination with a claw hammer to pull up tack pieces. This method works well, and will get the job done within a reasonable time.

With local professionals, they will have tools that suit the purpose of removing tack pieces; however as someone doing DIY, you are better off just using a pry bar.

Claw hammer

Claw hammer

As previously mentioned, a claw hammer is used in combination with a pry bar in order to effectively remove tack strips. Any type of traditional claw hammer will work well, and it is also helpful for removing nails. Claw hammers are common tools, and it is likely that you will already have one. These are definitely an important tool for carpet removal, so it is a good idea to have one around.



Pliers are helpful tools for carpet removal, as there may be specific situations where they are required. These situations involve carpet staples which are loose on one side, but will not come all the way out. This is where pliers come into play, as they can be used to pull them out. You may need to use pliers frequently during a carpet removal, and therefore it is a good idea to have them on hand. Removing staples can be a chore without them, and you are better off having them ready.

Safety gloves and knee pads

Safety gloves and knee pads

Safety gloves are used for when you are handling a utility knife. They are usually clad with a material that will prevent the knife from cutting you if an accident occurs. Within carpet removal, there are a lot of sharp objects such as nails (which can be rusty). Safety is paramount, and using safety gloves can help to prevent accidents. Knee pads are used for optimal comfort when having to kneel on the ground, which you will be doing a lot of when removing carpet. It is important to keep your knees and knee joints healthy and comfortable, not health reasons, but also so you can work comfortably and not make mistakes as a result.

Dust mask

Dust mask

A dust mask is used to prevent the user from inhaling excessive amounts of dust, which can be bad for their health. When doing carpet removal, you can expect the environment to be very dusty. Having a dust mask will stop you from coughing constantly and also from breathing in particles which may harm your health.

In summary, the things previously mentioned is information you should know in order to do DIY carpet removal. You should consider all these things when deciding to do it yourself or use a professional service. A professional service will have the tools specifically for carpet removal, and the whole process will be completed much more efficiently and effectively in comparison to doing it yourself.

Doing it yourself is definitely possible; however it will likely take much longer, and will take a lot of effort on your part. Carpet removal is no easy task; however it will be well worth it once it is completed. Hiring a professional will make the process much easier, and you will get the job done quicker. You will be able to see the final product soon.

Doing it yourself will cost less but it will take a lot longer and will be harder for you in general.