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Different Crypto Currencies To Look Into

Crypto currency certainly made a big splash a little while ago with the help of Bitcoin. Everyone who was anyone knew about Bitcoin because it was all over the news and through other media outlets. There were also a lot of people that invested in Bitcoin over the years. While Bitcoin may be one of the most recognized crypto currencies in the world, there are certainly a lot of others that are worth looking into as well.

More and more crypto currencies come onto the market everyday and now there is said to be over 5,000 different currencies to choose from. Obviously not all of these types of currencies are created equal, so if you are going to invest some of your money into crypto currency then you need to do your research to find out which ones are the best. People like to invest in crypto currency because they can do so at any time (don’t need the market to open) and there are lower fees.

So, if investing in crypto currencies is something you are considering, then have a read on below to find out more information in relation to some of the best currencies to look into:


It was mentioned in the introduction as one of the most well known types of crypto currencies, so it only makes sense that Bitcoin featured as one of the best to look into as well. The fact it is the biggest and most popular crypto currency actually helps and works in the favor for Bitcoin, as the investment will tend to be a little more stable the other smaller crypto currencies. While the currency can be while volatile over the years, there has still been consistent growth.


Another fairly popular and well known crypto currency that you may just have heard of. Ethereum is known as a great crypto currency to start with if you are just beginning to build up your investments in this area. One of the reasons why Ethereum is so popular is due to their blockchain, which helps keep everything very secure. The Ethereum network is going from strength to strength, so it is a currency that is certainly worth having a look into.


If you are looking for a crypto currency that is affordable, then you really can’t go past Stellar. This crypto currency has only been around for a few years, since 2014, but it is already making waves and many experts are considering this currency to be a good investment option. The systems put in place at Stellar are highly scalable, so expect continued growth of Stellar over the next few years.


Many people believe Ripple to be the second best crypto currency on the market, so if you want to invest in a currency that isn’t Bitcoin, then this one is certainly worth doing more research on. Ripple understand that market they operate in very well and they are able to fully capitalize on a number of new and exciting opportunities that support the opinion that people should invest in this currency.


Litecoin is all about the technology and you shouldn’t continue to ignore thinking about investing in this crypto currency. Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin is very affordable, which means that no matter how much money you have to invest, you will certainly get the opportunity to. Another thing going for Litecoin is they are going to be integrated in with certain ATMs in South Korea. With such a cheap offering you would be silly not to at least consider investing in Litecoin.