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Best Banks To Use In America

Every adult American needs to use a bank, you can’t keep all your funds underneath your bed, or in a piggy bank like you did as a kid. There are a lot of different banks that operate in America, all with their own list of pros and cons. So if you are unhappy with the current bank you are with, or looking to set something new up, then before choosing a bank, you should do some research first.

There are a lot of different things a bank can offer, and when it comes to your money, you want to ensure you are getting the most out of the bank, and it is a save place for you to keep your funds. It can be confusing when you need to choose a bank, but the important part is to understand your own banking needs and work off from there. There will be a lot of banks that could potential meet your needs, but you won’t be able to choose all of them.

So, have a read on below to find out more information about some of the best banks to use in America, and why you should consider becoming a customer:

Bank of America

You can’t really have a list of some of the best banks in America without having Bank of America on it! Bank of America is one of the biggest and most recognized banks in America and there is around 4,500 branches spread right across the country. So, if it is important to you that you are able to easily visit a branch, then Bank of America is a good option. The customer service is known to be really good as well, and their call centers are open a lot later than other banks.


This is a global bank, operating in a lot of different countries right around the world. Citibank has a particular specialty, if you are looking for a bank for your large investment account, then this bank just may be the one for you. Something that everyone seems to love is a free bonus, Citibank are known for their great joining bonuses, they do sometimes change, so have a look on their website to see what is on offer at the moment.

CIT Bank

If you have a lot of savings and you want a bank that has a great interest rate for this, then you definitely need to consider popping your money into CIT Bank. They are well known around America to be one of the best banks in terms of interest rates for saving accounts. The don’t offer much else, not really a full blown bells and whistles kind of place, but what they do offer, they do it really well.


If you only actually know one thing about Chase, it’s probably in relation to the bonuses they offer. They have a lot of new customers coming in all the time due to the bonuses they offer for signing up. There are a range of different bonuses, depending on what kind of account you open, so it is worth checking out their website to see just how much bonus cash you could be receiving.


Now, banking and finance may not be a very hot or exciting topic for students, but it is still important to have. SunTrust is known as a great bank for students in particular. The great thing that current customers love about SunTrust is that if you are a high school student, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. So, SunTrust is certainly worth considering if you are a student.