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All About Bamboo Decking

Are you thinking of building a bamboo decking? Certainly, its popularity over the years has grown. But want to know more about it. Here we share with you the basic information that you need to know!

This decking is a decking that is made from bamboos. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant belonging to the family of woody grass and has been used as a building material for many years due to its robustness and lightweight. The decking is made from the bamboo material that is cut, boiled in a special chemical, pulverized into strips, and then passed into two to three processes to make it dry and firm for preservation. After that, the bamboo strips are glued together under great pressure to mold and make them solid strips ready to be used for decking construction. These deckings are very popular nowadays.

Common types of bamboo decking

1.   Treated bamboo decking

This decking is constructed using treated bamboos laminated together with adhesive and treated with special chemicals to make it durable.

2.   Bamboo plastic composite decking

This decking is constructed using bamboo and plastic composites. The amount of plastic composites decides the quality of decking. Some manufacturers use plastics that are susceptible to heat, and the decking made from it may feel hot during summers. The colors can also fade away, and planks become brittle with time.

3.   Fused bamboo decking

This decking is constructed using fused bamboos that have resins fused into bamboo strands to make it dense, strong, and long-lasting, making it one of the favorite types for exterior decking.

Is bamboo decking durable?

Yes, bamboos are durable and more hard and stable compared to many other wood types. Hence it is widely used in the construction of decks. There are strand woven and non-strand woven bamboos available in the market. Strand woven is stronger and more durable. It is processed in the way in which the strands of bamboos are pulled apart, treated, and glued into planks to make it hard and ready for use.


There are many advantages of using bamboo for constructing your deck. Let’s list these pros:

  • Decks made up of bamboo look super-classy and gave a modern look.
  • Decks made up of bamboo are more affordable than hardwood. There are harder and more durable.
  • The sustainable feature of bamboos makes it ideal for construction. It is renewable as bamboo grows quite quickly.


There are some disadvantages, as well.

  • This decking cannot withstand rainy seasons and will rot and get damaged with continuous water spilling.
  • Its maintenance cost is a bit high if you want your decking to look ever new. You need to clean it with special oils to keep its luster intact. The oils are a bit expensive.

Cleaning and Maintenance of bamboo decking

Cleaning is very important to keep your deck maintained for a long time. Simply sweep it with a mop and use a mix of water and recommended oil to keep the shine intact.  It is recommended to clean it with a silicon carbide broom once in a while to keep it smooth and free from splinters.

Despite regular cleaning, the decking needs maintenance after some time. It loses the color after some time due to exposure to the sun and other environmental conditions. Sealing and staining are done to maintain the beauty of the decking. Sealing is done with a sealant that keeps the luster of the decking sustained and keeps the color intact. Staining is done once a while to keep the color intact and the decking ever new.