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10 Best Online Stores Like Zara You’ll Love 2022

Zara has become a household name brand among online clothing shoppers, particularly for women who are on the hunt for high-end fashion at lower-end prices.

But Zara is not the only ecommerce retailer that offers thousands of on-trend yet more affordable apparel. Read on for a list of the 10 best online stores like Zara that you’ll love in 2022!

1.  Temu


Are you shopping for quality, stylish clothes on a budget? Then we have the perfect online store for you to check out.

Temu is a new online marketplace that sells thousands of trending items from fashion categories like clothing, shoes, and accessories, to pet, home, electronics, and more!

As a member of PDD Holdings, Temu has access to an entire global network of more than 11 million suppliers. This means they can offer a vast range of styles at wholesale prices. Their prices are sometimes hard-to-believe, but we know that Temu is legit.

No matter what style of clothing you’re looking for – casual wear, office chic, date night, athleticwear, and anything else you can think of – you’re always guaranteed to get the best deal possible at Temu. They have a lot of promotions and discounts that you can participate in every day to get the best deal possible. Save more money so that you can update your entire wardrobe – and even snag some new items for your family and friends, as well – without breaking your budget.

For example, check out this video on Temu’s baddie dresses under $15!

You may say to yourself that Temu sounds a lot like Shein. But the two stores have different customer and company policies that set them apart. For example, Temu offers free standard shipping on almost all purchases, whereas Shein only offers free shipping if your order totals over $29. Temu offsets carbon emissions for every order whereas Shein does not.

Another great thing about Temu vs Shein is that they always tell shoppers which retailer or small business the product comes from. Shein doesn’t give you that helpful information.


Even though it’s new, Temu has already gained lots of shoppers and great reviews.

  • One reviewer said of this Casual Drawstring Pantsuit, which has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, “I really like it. It is warm and comfortable.”
  • And of this Women’s V-neck T-shirt, a reviewer wrote that they “absolutely loved” it, and that they “went back and ordered 19 more items from this website.”

You can browse Temu’s ever-growing clothing categories on their website or on their free Temu app, which is available in your app store. You can also keep up to date with their latest fashion listings on TikTok and Pinterest. If you’re looking for a legit shopping app where you can find quality products at wholesale prices, then Temu just might be the perfect option for you.

2.  H&M

H&M is the second largest international clothing retailer in the world. And for good reason! They offer consumers thousands of quality clothes in the women, men, baby, and kids categories, all for budget prices.

These aren’t just your cheap, one-off pieces, either. H&M puts a strong emphasis on good design, having collaborated with top fashion companies and designers like Versace and Simona Rocha to offer high style at affordable prices.

You can shop H&M apparel on their website or by downloading their app on your phone.


UNIQLO is one of the top online stores to browse for affordable yet stylish casual wear, which is inspired by the latest fashion trends in Japan. Whether you’re looking for outerwear, like a fleece jacket or a wool cardigan, basic t-shirts and lounge pants, or active leggings, you’ll find nothing but high quality, comfortable pieces.

UNIQLO is also like a one-stop shop for people who work from home. Perusing their large catalog, you’re sure to find loungewear that’s stylish enough for appearing on Zoom meetings and running errands, but loose and comfy enough to wear around the house.

Click here to go to UNIQLO’s website and start shopping.

4.  ASOS

If you like to have lots of fashion options to choose from, you should check out ASOS.

ASOS has over 40,000 discounted items for sale from more than 850 brands, including Adidas, the North Face, Topshop, and more. Women will discover affordable items in every category of clothing you can imagine, from bridesmaid dresses to bikinis, and prom wear to pilates leggings. Men, meanwhile, will find just as much variety, including hoodies, shirts, shorts, underwear, and jewelry.

Kick off your online shopping journey with ASOS here or by downloading their app.

5.  Madewell

Madewell is best known for their flattering, premium denim jeans. But they also offer lots of other modern yet casual apparel for both women and men.

Madewell’s prices are in the affordable range, so they’re not as expensive as a luxury brand. But they make no sacrifices in terms of quality, as you’ll find when you experience how soft and beautiful their clothes are. Shopping their catalog, you’ll find cozy cardigans and tailored blazers, cotton tees and cute overalls, and all sorts of other well-made (no pun intended) items.

Another thing that makes Madewell special is that they’ve pledged to have 90% of their denim Fair Trade-certified by 2025. That’s a great step toward increasing sustainability in fashion.

Click here to shop Madewell’s online store.

6.  Urban Outfitters

If you want clothes that are trendy as well as timeless, then you must add Urban Outfitters to the bookmarks folder in your internet browser.

Originally founded in a small store across the street from the University of Pennsylvania, this retailer now has hundreds of store fronts as well as a buzzing ecommerce marketplace. They specialize in clothing that are on-trend, like Bohemian-style dresses and graphic tees, for women as well as men. You’ll also find intimates, swimwear, and even home goods – all high quality, and all for prices that are more affordable than luxury brands.

Start browsing Urban Outfitters website here or download their UO app from your app store.

7.  Macy’s

Macy’s Department Store is one of the oldest retailers in the United States. Once upon a time, going into this store was a treat that you wouldn’t experience every day.

Today, anyone can shop at Macy’s by going to their online store. From there, you’ll have your pick of hundreds of different fashion brands, both affordable and high end. Their website is always offering sales, too, so even if that Calvin Klein coat or Ralph Lauren pants you’ve been eyeing is outside of your budget now, you should keep checking back to see if they discount it.

Find your favorite Macy’s styles on their website here.

8.  Forever 21

Forever 21 is a great option for fashion forward shoppers who want clothes that are trendy, cute, and inexpensive. They offer all kinds of modern style apparel – coats, jackets, activewear, clubwear, intimates, streetwear – as well as shoes and accessories, for relatively low prices.

What sets Forever 21 apart from other sites on this list is they’re always working to bring low-cost versions of cutting-edge fashion pieces to the masses. If you keep checking the Forever 21 website throughout the seasons, you’ll often find them collaborating on new – and affordable – collections with some of your favorite luxury brands and celebrities.

In recent years, for example, they’ve partnered with famous names like Airwalk, Mattel, Pantone, Herve Leger, and, most recently, singer Madison Beer. You can find her collection and others by going to Forever 21’s online store, here.

9. GAP

GAP clothing is designed to be casual, comfortable, and most importantly, accessible. You’ll find all your basics here – t-shirts, jeans, loungewear, sweaters, puffer coats, and more. All the pieces that you need to create the foundation for a smart, sophisticated wardrobe can be found at GAP.

The best part is that all these beautiful clothes are easy on your budget. You can get clothes for your whole family at GAP, as well. They even have a maternity category!

If you’re looking for clothes that aren’t too edgy or flashy, but still exude a cool sense of style, click here to go to the GAP online store.

10. Mango

Mango is another online store that, like Zara and the others on this list, offers a wide range of styles and types of clothing. Everything is designed with an air of refinement and high-end fashion sensibility, so you don’t feel like you’re buying cheap clothing – even though everything is highly affordable.

Just like at GAP, H&M, Temu, and Macy’s, you can clothe your entire family from the Mango online store, as well as pick out accessories and home goods to complement your lifestyle.

Explore Mango’s fashion listings on their website here.So, if you’re looking for a new online marketplace to do your shopping, there are many other options for you to check out.