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Top Agent Magazine’s Top Three Topics for Real Estate Content

The evolution of business marketing has revealed a few essential strategies for modern communication, says Top Agent Magazine.

Real estate marketers sometimes worry about presenting 100% original information to distinguish their sites from the rest. But with most real estate topics, there is a good chance the content already exists. In fact, it’s probably already on hundreds of industry-related blogs.

But that doesn’t mean your real estate content can’t compete with others out there. If you focus on providing richer information, being more helpful, and developing a unique and personable voice, readers will connect with your message. The more personal the connection, the more likely they’ll return.

With that thought in mind, here are three kinds of content that a REALTOR® can depend on to generate more views.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content does not age. It reflects content and questions that almost every visitor seeks the answer to. Top Agent Magazine says that most of your real estate content should be evergreen.

Fortunately, evergreen content is easy to generate. As a REALTOR®, you know the common questions your clients ask. Spending just a few hours brainstorming these topics can yield a year’s worth of compelling content.

For instance, your content can answer questions like:

  • What factors should I think about when buying my first home?
  • How do I become a real estate investor?
  • How do I obtain a mortgage?
  • How do I stage my home to sell?
  • What renovations add the most value to a home?
  • How do I choose the right real estate agent?

The possibilities for evergreen content are truly endless. Listen to what questions your clients ask the most and turn that into useful content.

Case Studies

Every veteran REALTOR® has at least a few clients they have worked with closely. These clients can offer a unique perspective to the home-buying experience that other clients may value. In the realm of personal finance, many visitors want to learn how successful people achieved their goals.

Do you have a close relationship with a former client you helped purchase a home? How about a client whose house you helped sell for more than they were expecting? Top Agent Magazine recommends asking those clients for an interview, then writing up a case study so visitors can see how you partnered to meet their goals.

Local-Centric Content

Many real estate clients are new to your area. Besides learning about the properties you’ve listed, they want to know what local life is like. What events draw attention? What restaurants, cafés, and bars are the best? How highly do schools rank? What parks, shopping centers, and other amenities are in the area?

Major real estate sites talk about real estate market facts and trends, but they typically don’t touch on your specific region. You can fill that void with weekly or monthly content that focuses on life in the area you represent. Talk about community events, local businesses, town history, and other subjects unique to your home city or town.

If you’re still stuck on topics, consider conducting a survey on your existing website and social accounts. Ask the public what real estate or local topics they want to see.

About Top Agent Magazine:

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