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Tips for Coaches Seeking Business Growth

An essential part of your business as a coach is helping your client achieve and even surpass their goals. However, in a bid to help others maximize their full potential, it can be easy for coaches to lose sight of or neglect their own business growth. Also, there is the fact that coaching is fast becoming a highly sought after service, which means there will be a lot of competition. So in what way can coaches effectively grow their business? Keep reading to find out.

Build a strategic business plan

Just like every other business, your coaching business should have a well crafted, strategic and long-term business plan that contains clear goals and objectives designed to help move your business towards its vision.

Be conscious of your numbers

In addition to having a target annual income, you should have a clear plan on how you want to meet that target. Also, ensure to regularly compare your forecasted income to your actual income in order to have a better handle on your numbers.

Be clear on the kind of services you offer

One major cause of business failure is not having a clear definition of what you are selling or who you are trying to sell to. So, saying you are a coach who helps people transform their lives won’t just cut it. You need to take your time to carefully define ‘what your services are’ and ‘who your target audience should be’.

Leverage assessment tools

When it comes to coaching, sometimes less is more and a good way to effectively identify your client’s strengths and weaknesses in order to know where to focus your efforts is by utilizing assessment tools. These tools can help you identify your client’s needs, measure/report progress, and help provide critical insights on organizational effectiveness. There are reliable online assessment tools like Entrepreneur Scan that coaches can use to get a more detailed and accurate entrepreneurial profile of their clients.

Consider diversifying your services

A great way to keep your coaching business relevant and fresh is to develop a growth mindset. Consider expanding your territory and diversifying by reaching out to different industries or onboarding a new set of clients. You could also provide different kinds of services such as starting an online coaching course, public speaking, publishing a book or e-book, group coaching and training.

Surround yourself with the right kind of people

By surrounding yourself with other professionals with a high level of experience, you can get to discover what your blind spots are and work towards moving past them. Another great way to grow is by investing your time in mentorships and high-level mastermind groups. This is because when you are surrounded by these groups of people, you get to challenge your way of thinking and your problem-solving skills, which in turn pushes you to consider other coaching methods you haven’t thought of before.

Consider collaborating with other services

The coaching business can be a lonely venture, especially when you are just starting out. So while you are busy looking to get paying clients, a good way to maximize your hours is to consider collaborating with other companies that can offer alternative services to your target clientele. Remember, your collaboration shouldn’t be with just any company; it should be with a company that compliments your services. For example, if you are a business coach, you could collaborate and work with financial advisors as they might come in handy with your clients.

Ask for referrals

This is another effective way to grow your business, especially with highly satisfied clients. Ask your clients for an introduction to anyone they know who might require the type of services you offer.


As a coach, one crucial testimonial you can have to show the effectiveness of your coaching methods is the success of your own coaching business. No business owner would want to hire a business coach with a failing coaching company so remember to prioritize your own bottom line just as much as you prioritize that of your clients.