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The Hoodie Is Out Of This Hood! Here’s the Low Down On The Coveted Coat

Everywhere you go, there is always someone wearing that baggy and comfy coat. Hoodies have become a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Hoodies are the perfect cover-up to keep you nice and cosy while keeping you stylish. As we are in the midst of Autumn, this is the perfect time to get into the spirit of the season by donning on a jacket the not only covers you but hugs your upper body. Artist Hoodie has a great collection of sports graphics perfect for the sport lover. This collection has an extensive range of options to best suit your fancy. They have hoodies that will definitely have you roaring for glory. In this article, we will delve into the history of the hoodie and look at the benefits of the beloved garment.

What is a hoodie? 

The word hoodie derives from the Anglo Saxon word “höd” meaning a hat. The term was coined in the 1990s due to the rise of hip-hop culture. A hoodie is a sweatshirt, jumper, or jacket that includes a hood at the back. It is the perfect cover-up for the upper body as it covers the whole torso as well as it easily drapes on the top of your head. This is the perfect piece to don on during stormy weather to keep you cozy and cool. It is a prominent piece that has become a staple, with celebrities like Kanye West wearing it daily.

History of hoodies 

Hoodies date back all the way to the Greeks and Romans 3,000 years ago as the popular clothing choice among Medieval Monks. Monks wore a tunic that had a hood known as a cowl. The cape was brought into England in the 12th century from Normandy during the Norman Conquest. In the 17th century, women started to wear hoodies to help them hide when they wanted to meet their partners. Hoodies started to have a scary reputation as it was seen in society as connected with imagery of death with the Grim Reaper’s existence.


The classic hoodie we see today was invented by Champion, who at the time was known as Knickerbocker Knitting Company in the 1930s. These hoodies were made to help labourers keep warm during the chilly winter in New York. It then became used as athleisure to be used in physical education classes and for military exercises. The hoodie took off to the public in the 1970s through hip hop development and popularized it from the movie Rocky.

The Oscar-winning movie made the hoodie popular among working-class people from the iconic scene of Sylvester Stallone training in a grey hoodie. The garment was further used more among university students as the schools started including it in their merchandise with their logo on it. American designer Norma Kamali used it in her fashion pieces, taking it to the catwalk. It skyrocketed in the 1980s as hip hop started becoming a mainstream genre in the music industry, with hoodies being tightly connected to the fashion of the genre.

In the mid-2000s, the garment was associated with negative connotations of criminal activity, with a shopping center in Kent banning the hoodie from being worn. It became a fashion item that expressed the gangster archetype of suspicious young people who potentially were engaging in illegal activities such as mugging and graffiti. The style was also a prominent piece in the skater scene due to the reduction in skate parks, with skaters having to sneak to undisclosed spots to be able to do the activity. The hoodie marked the symbolism of the outlaw or rebel, championed by the hip hop scene and the punk music scene. As a result of the ability to cover the face, this increases suspicion from any onlooker to see someone in a hoodie in public.

Hoodies have become an integral part of hip hop, with artists such as P.Diddy, Tupac, A$AP Rocky, and Drake wearing the look. Kanye West has even made his own high-end version of the hoodie, making it more acceptable in the fashion world. Mark Zuckerberg himself has been known for wearing the coveted class outfit, making it more acceptable in the modern workplace. Taking it from the streets to the runaway and to the office has made hoodies have become a staple piece in modern fashion.

What is the hype? 

Hoodies have become a popular item in modern casual wear, with everyone adorning the beloved garment. The piece has become timeless, getting more and more of a staple piece since its origins in the 1930s. It has become the go-to outerwear outfit as it has the right amount of style and comfort. This style is right here to stay!

Key features and benefits 

Comfortable to wear 

hoodie Comfortable to wear 

Wearing a hoodie is like a warm hug. It gently lugs around you, making you feel warm and comfy. Perfect for winter conditions, this outfit will keep you cozy and snuggly when it is cold, as if you’re adorning a blanket that is stitched to your upper body.

Great for privacy 

There is a reason why hoodies are used to create anonymity. If you ever feel like you wouldn’t like to be watched, hoodies are great for keeping you on the down-low. The hoodie is like a fabric canopy covering you from the rest of the world. If you ever feel self-conscious of people watching you in the gym, for instance, a hoodie is the perfect fashion piece to keep you invisible.

Many options of styles to choose from 

Hoodies don’t just have to be the classic grey hoodie from Rocky. Hoodies can come in a variety of colors, patterns, and other design choices. Depending on your preference, you can find hoodies with pockets, or their hoods are faux fur lined.

Hoodies have a multi-functional purpose

Adaptable in any circumstance 

Hoodies have a multi-functional purpose due to their contribution to a variety of different cultures; hip hop, punk, athletic, high school, and college students. Hoodies can be used while going for a bike ride, going out for the day, to lounging at home on a cold winter’s night.

Rain and cold weatherproof 

Hoodies are the perfect look to keep you warm from cold or rainy conditions. This garment is much more helpful than an umbrella to keep you from getting wet in the rain. This piece is perfect for Autumn and Winter when you just need a blanket wrapped around you to keep you functioning.

It can be worn by anyone 

Hoodies are the perfect wear that is not just a niche for those in the hip hop or skater boy scene. These days boys, girls, even pets can wear hoodies as the staple comfort outfit. It is comfortable for anyone to drape over their head.

How to wear the style 


Jeans and hoodies go hand in hand, like cookies to milk. These bottoms are also ultra-comfy, with which the addition of the hoodie will make your entire body feel as if you’re a marshmallow.

Double Jacket 

Double Jacket 

To add fire onto fire it is best to layer up your look with another jacket. Whether it’s a jean jacket, a blazer, leather to a bomber, you can look super fly with the extra insulation.


These days the frumpier, the better. Wide-length hoodies have become popular among women, with celebrities like Billie Eilish taking on the trend. Add on the comfort with a baggy hoodie to keep you looking super cool but also super comfortable.

Hoodies are the staple fashion piece for every living person in the modern world. It has had a long history of rebellion, struggle, and shifts in its reputation to become the popular item it is today. It is incredibly versatile in styles which allows you to use it under any circumstance. Whether you are hitting the gym to going into the shops, a hoodie is the perfect fashion piece to pop on quickly