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The Best Add-On Services When You Get Your Car Detailed

Getting your car detailed is something any self-respecting car owner should do fairly regularly. It does a lot for the longevity of the car. In the interior, removing built-up dirt and other parts of everyday life keeps your car looking fresh, and it keeps the materials on the inside in top condition. On the exterior, it helps prevent visual problems such as paint chips and scratches, and that also helps prevent rust; which can tank your car’s value. Not only that, but everyone who truly loves their car wants it to look brand-new, and detailing allows you to keep that fresh-off-the-lot appearance for years, or even decades.

However, it’s not uncommon for car owners to want to take their detailing tasks one step further. A few key add-on services can extend the life of your car and give you more time between detailing sessions, as well as give your car a new look.

Here are our most recommended add-on options.

Ceramic Coating or Protective Film

If you go through all the trouble of having your car detailed inside and out, and you get the paint touched up, why not put a little more effort into ensuring that the car’s exterior is protected and maintains that brand-new appearance for as long as possible? It’s not a considerable add-on in terms of price, but it adds a ton of value.

We’re talking about getting a ceramic coating or protective film applied.

Ceramic coatings are top-of-the-line, and they’re definitely the go-to option for anyone who wants permanent protection from their car’s paint job. However, they are more costly, and they’re permanent. So, they are features you have to be committed to.

If that’s a problem, opt for a paint-protective film. This is simply a film that’s applied over your car’s paint, and while it’s extremely effective, it’s not as permanent as a chemically-bonded coating.


Why not add a cool aesthetic that’s also functional when you get your car detailed? If your car’s windows aren’t already tinted, this is a cost-effective add-on that gives you more privacy in your vehicle, reduces glare, and adds a touch of mystery to your ride.

If you already have tinted windows, you might consider getting a darker tint film, or if your original tint has aged, it might be time to have it fixed.

Car Wraps

Finally, you might have loved the way your car looked the day you bought it, but everyone gets the craving for a new appearance every once in a while. You might even want to go all out with intricate designs that set your ride apart from the crowd.

Adding a custom vinyl wrap to your service list when you’re getting your car detailed is a great way to bring your car back up to factory spec in terms of how pristine it is, and it will feel like you’re pulling a brand-new ride off the lot again.

You can get all the services we mentioned here at Edmonton’s own Champs Detailing.