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Some Fascinating Inventions From 2021

The human mind is an extraordinary space, and every day we manage to come up with new inventions that completely change the way we view and do things. And if you’ve been following this website that updates on breaking news as they happen live online, you would have witnessed some. We are undoubtedly blessed with the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and the following inventions from 2021 prove just that.

10 Of the Most Fascinating Inventions Right Now

1. Advanced Hearing Aids

Hearing aids basically refer to tools that help an individual with poor hearing hear well. This seems so basic that it’s hard to imagine what could make this invention so exciting.

But what happens when companies decide to make smart hearing aids? That’s right; a hearing aid with a built-in AI that boosts the hearing ability by cancelling background noises to deliver clear and quality sounds. Now, that’s exciting!

2. Levitating Light Bulb

Imagine taking raw materials like oak, ash, walnut and turning them into air-powered light bulbs that hover through the use of magnetic levitation; simply amazing if you ask us. These bulbs are notably of great build, last longer, and have a stable usage quality.

3. Smart Jackets

Fashionable, body-heating attires that keep you warm in all regions of your upper body, even in cold conditions. Smart jackets are now taking to the markets and are taking body temperature regulation to a new level of stylish appeal.

4. Water Walker and Spa

A combination of an exercise equipment and relaxation tool, this cool invention has paved the way for a different method of accomplishing your workout goals. Imagine a treadmill you can relax and have a cold bath in after completing your workout; aqua-fantastic.

5. Wearable Reading Lights

We’ve seen light bulbs that possess the ability to float. This time, we’re witnessing a light equipment you can wear around your neck to ensure you always have a light source for your reading pleasure.

6. Key-X

This one is truly special. This invention is a keyboard specifically designed for people with special needs. Rather, keys that are spread across the keyboard, there are clusters of letters around each button. They are soft to touch and ensure ease in their usage.

7. Sticky Note Printer

We all love our sticky notes, they remind us of our important tasks and goals, and we use them to motivate ourselves daily. Now, this has been taken one step further with the invention of a printer that uses heat-sensitive papers to print out texts on sticky notes, even without ink!

8. Bacteria Killing Robot

Because you can never be too clean, this lightweight mini-robot has been invented to help get rid of pathogens too small to be seen. It is also great for travelling and lodging in hotels, especially if you’re not so sure of how clean those places really are.

9. Padrone Ring

Imagine a mouse you can wear on your fingers! Yes, the padrone ring is just that. It can connect to any device through Bluetooth and supports a variety of clicking and scrolling gestures.

You can find this product in several sizes, and it is even waterproof.

10. Dolfi

This device takes away the stress of getting rid of extremely tough stains. All you have to do is let this device work its magic, and by magic, we mean its use of ultrasonic waves to knock dirt and stains out of your laundry.