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Skilling Up & Branching Out With LearnDispatch

There has never been a better time to learn a new skill, a new trade, and a new way to make money – LearnDispatch is showing entrepreneurs a whole new world of truck dispatching that must be seen to be believed. The pandemic brought a few things to the forefront:

  1. A lot of people wanted to change up their career trajectory
  2. eCommerce platforms exploded with popularity
  3. Working remotely has become the goal for many

LearnDispatch has answered these calls quite expertly by providing its customers with an interactive learning experience that equips them with skills and knowledge that can give them a leg up in the logistics and transportation industries.

Truck dispatching, while complex from the outset, can be conducted anywhere with an internet connection and a working phone line – thanks to modern technology, hungry entrepreneurs can sink their teeth into their own business and pursue a growing and burgeoning sector.

Learning Online & At Your Own Pace

One of the interesting facets of the LearnDispatch rhetoric is the flexibility of the curriculum and learning schedules. Their approach is one of self-motivated learning where students can finish courses at their own pace and review and study relevant resources at their leisure. That is not to say they don’t offer support, on the contrary, they have trained experts in the field on-hand that students can turn to and ask questions whenever they feel the need.

Online learning has become more popular in the last few years, not only because of the pandemic but also in the rising intuitiveness of technology and interactivity. Learning has evolved from the humdrum and sleep-inducing, LearnDispatch is the perfect example of how interactivity can educate more efficiently.

What’s Actually Covered?

The fundamental principles of truck dispatching are covered in precisely planned modules throughout the course. Each has a distinct focus on a different key element in the business, from the foundations of logistics, equipment, sourcing freight and the different load types that are needed. From there the course goes head-first into the actual processes of getting contacts, booking transportation jobs, retaining clients, and even building a brand.

With hours of narrated content, straight-to-the-point approaches, and DIY freedom, there is plenty of room to grow for those who are willing to learn.

Suited For All Walks

Another aspect of the LearnDispatch model that caught our attention was the suitability and approachability of the content. Truck dispatching isn’t exactly taught in schools so there would understandably be a little bit of hesitance from the outset. Well, have no fear – LearnDispatch is made for all walks of life and all skill levels.

There is no industry experience needed to understand and get started with the classes which is great news for those who are motivated, hungry, and ready to learn a fresh industry from the ground up!

Get started with LearnDispatch and get a head start on your new career chapter.