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Miami Native Anthony Will: Helping Businesses & People Thrive Online

Anthony Will has always been known as a “Google guru” among his friend group. As the director of digital marketing for a consulting firm in 2012, his job was to help companies improve their online presence for lead generation purposes.

But, while he had built a solid reputation for helping companies rank highly in Google search results for the products or services they offered, he quickly realized his skills could be put to further use.

In 2012, Anthony Will began receiving phone calls from a handful of friends who reached out saying they were having a tough time getting a job for one reason — when people Googled their name, negative results or embarrassing images showed up.

The challenge for these people was they didn’t have many options to solve their online reputation problem. The limited number of reputation management firms were extremely expensive and offered no guarantee of results.

“When I began looking into resolving my friends’ issues, I quickly learned that the options available were subpar at best. What I also came to realize was that the problems my friends were having also were affecting hundreds of thousands of people and businesses globally,” Anthony Will explained. “I realized that a huge problem wasn’t being addressed in the marketplace, so we started the first online reputation management firm in the industry that guaranteed results and only required payment AFTER their problem had been resolved.”

Seeing a gap in the marketplace, Anthony Will and his partner Stephen Van Delinder launched Reputation Resolutions, the first online reputation management firm that guaranteed results and only required payment after the issue was resolved. What began as a small firm backed by a $5,000 investment has grown to be one of the top reputation management firms in the world.

Going on a decade, Anthony Will and his team have helped thousands of clients look their best online — whether it be company executives, Fortune 500 brands, or other individuals. In fact, has named Reputation Resolutions as the number one online reputation management company in the United States for those dealing with online attacks and/or negative content online.

While most reputation management companies simply want to land as many clients as possible, Reputation Resolutions takes a more hands-on approach. The company stands behind the work it can do, so much so that it doesn’t require any upfront payment for services if removal-based. Clients only have to pay for results after Reputation Resolutions has helped them achieve those results.

Today, reputation management is about more than just removing negative Google search results, though. It’s also about being proactive to prevent negative results from rising to the top.

“Over the last couple of years, we have seen reputation management become a crucial part of any branding or marketing strategy, as having a strong reputation will directly correlate to your ability to generate new business,” Anthony Will said. If you market a company with a poor or non-existent reputation, you are wasting time and resources and significantly limiting your ability to generate revenue.”

Anthony Will’s background helps solidify him as one of the top online reputation management experts in the United States and globally. He holds a degree in economics and a certificate in digital marketing from New York University and Google. He’s also completing a certification in crisis & brand management from Cornell University.

Anthony Will is a leader in the reputation management industry. He’s a member and contributor to the Forbes Agency Council, Biz Journal, Entrepreneurship Leadership Network, Newsweek, and Fast Company Executive Board.

Outside of work, the Miami native also gives back to his local community in Colorado. Will serves on the Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners board and supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

“I’m building a company that helps people, first and foremost. A large number of our population will experience some type of online reputation crisis or issue in their lifetime. Our goal has been, and will always be, to provide the best online reputation management services in the industry, to help our clients overcome their online issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.”