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Is Temu American? Where Is Temu From?

Temu is a Boston-based e-commerce marketplace that launched in 2022. It offers a new discovery-based shopping experience by leveraging PDD Holdings’ vast global network of merchants, logistic partners, and its established ecosystem to offer amazing deals for quality products.


With headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, Temu is an online marketplace serving the North American market, offering quality merchandise from top global suppliers and brands to consumers at wholesale prices.

Temu, a member of PDD Holdings (Nasdaq: PDD), partners with suppliers and logistic companies worldwide to bring American consumers thousands of new products every day to help them enjoy the conveniences and comforts of life.

How Temu Delivers Innovation to the North American Market

The Temu app is the latest and greatest online shopping platform that offers unbeatable deals on premium global products. They recently rose to the #1 free app in the iOS app store.

How Temu Delivers Innovation to the North American Market

With quality as a priority, the Temu app is quickly becoming one of North American consumers’ most popular shopping destinations.

The Temu app offers a unique shopping experience, taking shoppers on a personalized journey by providing them with tailored recommendations based on their browsing history. They also pepper your shopping journey with random games and deals that open while you’re browsing to give you opportunities to earn Temu Credits. This discovery-based approach makes shopping for your every day items feel like winning.

Temu still has a way to go to compete against large e-commerce sites like Amazon and warehouse wholesalers such as Costco and Sam’s Club. But with fast-improving delivery times, evolving product features, and ultra-competitive prices, they are definitely starting to build a loyal customer base.  Twitter is raving about their cheap prices and impressive model. Temu thinks there is a sizable enough niche for its suppliers that offer wholesale prices for products at any time, anywhere, and in any quantity.

Providing the North American market with a revolutionary shopping platform, Temu is well-positioned to become the go-to online marketplace for shoppers looking to save money and time. Check out their social media presence and YouTube channel, and look at their product and shop reviews for a glimpse into how Temu continually impresses US consumers.

Where is Temu Based?

Though PDD Holdings is a multinational commerce group, Temu is based in the United States. Temu is able to leverage PDD Holdings’ vast network of merchants, logistic partners, and established ecosystem to deliver innovation to US consumers.

Temu operates under WhaleCo Inc, which is incorporated in Delaware. Temu’s headquarters is in Boston, running and Temu’s mobile apps (Android/iOS) for the North American market.  You can verify that WhaleCo Inc. owns by using the free Whois Lookup tool.

Temu’s Suppliers and Pricing Compared to Amazon

On Temu, the products are always high quality and carefully curated so you don’t have to waste your time sifting through low-quality items. Temu also offers great value by working closely with its suppliers to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. By shopping on Temu, you can save money while still getting the same great products that you would find on Amazon.

The only difference is that Temu doesn’t have seller fees, meaning that overall prices are lower.

When comparing products from Amazon and Temu, you’ll often find that the exact same item is much cheaper on Temu. This not only saves you money, but it also helps support small businesses and artisans who are partnered with Temu.

Temu vs Amazon fidget toy:

Temu vs Amazon — the same fidget toy for $5 vs $12 #shorts Links in description 👇🏼

Who Owns Temu?

Temu’s early success is partially attributed to its affiliation with PDD Holdings (Nasdaq: PDD), which is a leading technology innovator and leader in global commerce. It operates through subsidiaries focused on providing cutting-edge solutions for the global economy.

PDD Holdings’ goal is to help manifest greater numbers of businesses and individuals into the digital economy. By doing so, small businesses and local communities will be able to share in the access to increased productivity and convenience that come from new digital opportunities.

PDD Holdings manages both Temu and Pinduoduo –– making it one of the largest social commerce platforms in the world. PDD Holdings’ Next-Gen Manufacturing capabilities (sourcing, logistics, and fulfillment) allow Temu to source products at the lowest prices.

In just 2021, PDD Holdings (Nasdaq: PDD) pulled in US$14.7 billion in revenue, US$2.2 billion in net income, and US$4.6 billion from operating activities alone.

Temu benefits from its strong leadership, comprehensive capabilities, and resources in order to provide the North American market with a revolutionary shopping platform.


Temu is a US-based online retailer revolutionizing the e-commerce market for US customers with its fun discovery-based shopping features and super affordable prices. With generous purchases protection, transparent and fast-improving delivery times, and low prices, Temu offers US shoppers an unbeatable shopping experience that is definitely worth checking out.