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From Financing to Finding: How Neha Anand Built a Food and Beverage Empire

Entrepreneurs with a genuine love of both cooking and entertaining can find plenty of opportunity in the food and beverage sector, despite the fact that it is also one of the most cutthroat. Director of TLH, Neha Anand, is an excellent role model for those aspiring to succeed in the hospitality sector. Recently, her upscale restaurant in Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, was named one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the Middle East and Africa for 2023.

Anand credits her ingenuity, inventiveness, productivity, and ability to make connections with others for her accomplishments. She has made it her life’s work to travel the world in search of delicious new restaurants to open for the hungry masses. She oversees a number of multinational corporations under the TLH umbrella, including Jun’s and Circle of Crust, the latter of which is an established Indian brand with a branch in Dubai. Fuji Cream, Anand’s new collection of frozen desserts, is a nod to modern Asian flavors.

Anand recommends starting out slowly and carefully if you want to make a profit in the food and beverage industry. Maintaining a level of efficiency and command over your company’s funds is crucial. That being said, she stresses the need of making wise investments if you want to reach your financial goals, and that spending is a choice. Although quarterly and annual financial plans are less frequent updates than annual projections, they are nevertheless necessary for making significant investment and efficiency decisions.

She suggests making a vision board and making sure your business principles match up with your personal values in order to succeed financially. She has found that a company’s growth rate and its ability to maintain low expenses are the two most important criteria in determining its ultimate success. For this reason, before evaluating the worth of your firm, you should establish what it is you hope to accomplish.

A company’s infancy, or the search for a chef or other brand to work with in order to expand internationally, is a thrilling time for Anand. She has no intention of slowing down the growth of her company and is dedicated to accommodating customers with food allergies or intolerances by providing a variety of menu items and drinks.

In sum, entrepreneurs with a penchant for cooking and hosting will find plenty of opportunity in the food and beverage industry. Neha Anand’s tale exemplifies the value of forethought, creativity, efficiency, and networking. Her advice to those seeking success in this field is to think three years ahead, practice fiscal restraint, and put money where it will do the most good. Everyone may find success in the food and drink industry like Neha Anand has by working hard, dedicating themselves fully, and having a genuine interest in the products they are selling.