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David Reagan, an Atlanta Personal Trainer, Shares How to Renew Your Motivation to Exercise

Is your fitness training routine monotonous? Initially, it probably was enjoyable. Working out was new. You joined a gym and saw unfamiliar faces or went to new places. Then again, maybe you worked out at home, but doing so was novel, and your motivation was high.

Now, though, your will to exercise has decreased. Training sessions are humdrum, and your enthusiasm is low. Atlanta trainer, David Reagan explains how to rekindle that initial spark and make workouts enjoyable again.

Make fitness fun

One cause of waning motivation to exercise could be a lack of mental stimulation. Because you want to stay fit, you’ve focused on your body and neglected your mindset.

Vary where you exercise to boost positivity. When you work out in the same place every training session, you lose interest. So find an alternative route to follow if you jog, or take your exercise routine outdoors if you’re used to indoor exercise. Change where you train, and you’ll have more enthusiasm.

Ramp up your energy

If your energy is low, you won’t feel like working out. Low vitality can stem from two causes: inadequate sleep and an unbalanced diet. Make sure you get roughly eight hours of sleep a night and consume plenty of healthy foods. If you aren’t sure what to eat, ask a professional fitness trainer or nutritionist who understands your needs.

If you can’t sleep, reset your body clock and see if that solves the issue. It’s hard to nod off when your internal clock is out of sync with nature. Reinstate a healthy sleep pattern. Go to bed soon after dark and resist late-night movies. Also, don’t stay under the covers too long in the morning.

Remember, it’s necessary to rest and recover between fitness training sessions. Your body has to replenish energy after a stressful workout. Otherwise, it will tire of exercise and force you to relax.

Take a break from exercise

Perhaps you need a fitness training break. There’s no need to quit exercising altogether. Stop your usual routine and vary the way you exercise. If you usually swim, go for a run or cycle. You’ll stay fit and not lose momentum while giving yourself a chance to carry out an unfamiliar workout.

When fitness training is monotonous, rekindle zest. Boost mental stimulation and vary your workout. Also, eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep, and your motivation to exercise will increase.

About David Reagan

David Reagan is a NASM Certified personal trainer from Atlanta, GA, who specializes in weight loss, personalized workout plans, bodybuilding, and nutrition. He caters to high-end clients and executives, helping them achieve their fitness goals by accommodating their busy schedules. The client’s needs come first, and David’s fitness plan will set you up on the path to success.