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Charleston’s Andrew Demetre Discusses Three of the Most Dangerous Exercises for Beginners

All exercises come with some level of risk. But for beginners, some of the riskier workouts could be downright dangerous. In this article, Charleston bodybuilder Andrew Demetre lists the three seriously unsafe exercises that any fitness newcomer would be wise to avoid.

  1. The High Box Jump

While the exercises on this list can be intense, it’s their difficulty in execution that makes them incredibly effective. The box jump is the perfect example of this. It’s easily one of the top ways to train leg power safely. But high box jumps are another story. Without the right height, a workout newbie won’t have the flexibility or ability to jump safely.

However, don’t feel discouraged by the dangerous high box jump. Instead, opt for using a box no higher than knee height. You can still jump as high as you can without flexing or bending your knees and hips more than 20 degrees as you land.

This exercise is not only more effective than the high box jump, but the risk that you’ll fall or miss your jump is way lower.

  1. The Heavy Mixed-Grip Deadlift

Heavy Mixed-Grip Deadlift

If you’re getting into pumping iron, you’ve probably already been enticed by this workout. And while it’s undoubtedly an effective workout, especially for trained bodybuilders like Andrew Demetre, it’s also responsible for an insane amount of injuries.

Even professionals can rupture their bicep tendons if they aren’t careful during this exercise, so any newcomer must avoid this deadlift at all costs.

If you’re doing sets of 6RM or heavier sets, there’s no reason to do a mixed-grip deadlift, regardless of your confidence in your lifting ability. Instead, use the standard, double-overhand grip.

If you struggle with grip strength, you can add some wrist straps for protection and support. You could argue doing a mixed-grip deadlift if you’re training for a competition, but you should limit the weight to 1 to 3RMs. Most beginners are training more casually, so unless you fit that bill, stick with the double-overhand grip every time.

  1. The Tire Flip

Tire flips are becoming all the rage in boot camps and “functional fitness” gyms. This trend comes despite the dangers the exercise poses, even for those who do it in strongman competitions.

Of all of the exercises done during a strongman competition, the tire flip is responsible for the most injuries. So you can only imagine what might happen in the hands of a novice lifter.

Deadlifts are equally as effective as tire flips and significantly safer in every way. Standard deadlifts, single-leg deadlifts, and trap-bar deadlifts are all better options for newbies looking to strengthen their posterior chain without the threat of harming themselves.

About Andrew Demetre, Charleston-Based Fitness

Andrew Demetre’s passion for fitness has brought him to Charleston, where he helps his clients fit their exercise needs into their busy schedules. He focuses on creating versatile programs built to be sustainable and functional, no matter how familiar his client is with exercise.

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