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Temu Reviews | How Is Temu Different from Shein?

Shein is a commonly known name if you’re an avid online shopper. But are you looking for an alternative to Shein? A new competitor is looking to dominate the market. The company in discussion is Temu, a newly e-commerce marketplace that has become the #1 most downloaded app on the Google Play Store and #1 free app on the iOS app store.

We are reviewing the Temu app to help consumers get to know Temu more and to help them know what to expect.

Let’s look at how Temu works compared to Shein.

Reviewing Temu Product Sourcing

Each platform offers a diverse selection of products ranging from apparel to gadgets. This is obvious. Nevertheless, we keep an eye out for product source transparency. After all, knowing where and who your products are coming from is essential.

Consumer transparency is critical to the success of an online marketplace. Unfortunately, for Shein, it’s non-existent.  There’s minimal information about where or who the product comes from on their listings. Compared to Temu, this is displayed on every listing, ensuring optional transparency.

Reviewing Temu

For instance, let’s take wireless earbuds for example. Temu and Shein both have similar wireless earbud products. When you head over to the product listing, you expect there to be information about the supplier. With Temu, you can see the seller’s profiles to gain more information about them.

Reviewing Temu Shipping

We also want to review available shipping deals. Here’s how they look:

Company Shipping Deals
Temu Free standard shipping on almost all orders and free express shipping on orders over $99
Shein Free standard shipping on orders over $29 and free express shipping on orders over $129


Reviewing Temu Late Delivery Policy

Temu will compensate you for orders that arrive late by offering a $5 credit (standard shipping) or $13 credit (express shipping). In contrast, Shein lacks any late delivery policy.

Reviewing Temu Return Policy

Reviewing Temu Return Policy

A solid return policy can build trust for the best online marketplaces. A customer-centric return policy can make it easier to build credibility and trust. Here’s a brief breakdown of Shein’s and Temu’s return policy:

  • Temu – Free return shipping and full refunds within 90 days of purchase.
  • Shein – Free return shipping and full refunds within 45 days of purchase

As seen, the Temu platform outperforms Shein in this comparison challenge.

Reviewing Temu’s Environmental Responsibility

The last comparison we wanted to make is their environmental responsibility. One factor that contributes a major role to this is offsetting carbon emissions. This is especially important for e-commerce companies where you’re constantly shipping a high volume of orders. Unfortunately, Shein doesn’t clarify their eco-friendly practices. However, Temu tries to do their part by clearly offsetting carbon emissions for every order, making them one of the more sustainable online marketplaces.

Final Temu Review 2022

Many will question if Temu is legit when comparing the Temu platform with its competitors. In this Temu review, we conclude that Temu is 100% true. Temu is an exciting new shopping app and, especially when compared to Shein, is emerging as one of the best online marketplaces.